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9 French Proverbs About Food to Make You Healthy, Wealthy and Awesome at French

french proverbs about food

The French love their food.

They take special pride in it.

They think it’s fantastic. (Though, let’s be real, who doesn’t?)

As such, the French love for cooking and cuisine means a lot of French cultural wisdom is tied to …

9 Incredibly Useful Sites with French Listening Exercises to Quickly Sharpen Your Ears

listen to french

Want to have a smooth conversation in French—without misunderstandings?

Wish you could enjoy French radio and talk shows, rather than struggling to understanding what’s going on?

Want to rock out to French hits, and know what the …

The Good, Better and Best Guide to the French Comparative and Superlative

french comparative and superlative

Ready to make a bold statement?

Like to add some swagger and conviction to your French?

Want the power to compare and declare?

Well, good. Time to break out the comparative and superlative!

These two grammatical aspects of the …

6 Online News Destinations That Intermediate French Learners Will Love

intermediate french online

Phenomenal intermediate French resources are sitting right under your nose.

These resources offer unique, high-quality learning material perfect for an intermediate level of French.

They also offer many visual, audio and written features that compete with those of formal language

25+ Important French Phrases and Words to Understand the News Like a Boss

important french phrases

Breaking news!

Fierce storms with dangerous wind speeds are quickly approaching—stay indoors!

Now that’s a message you’d want to understand clearly, am I right?

To best understand the news in French on TV reports, newspapers and social media, there …

Your Essential Guide to Tricky French Pronouns “Y” and “En”

french pronouns y and en

Got French pronouns buzzing around your brain?

Well, you can run, but you can’t hide.

Every French learner discovers pretty early on that mastering pronouns is one of the most challenging parts of learning sentence structure, which is …

How to Improve French Speaking in 5 Steps and Start Shining in French Conversations!

how to improve french speaking

There’s no need to hide!

We can show you how to improve French speaking so you’ll want to get out there and chat it up.

No more anxiety at the thought of speaking to an actual French person!

Do you …