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4 Simple Tips to Learning More French Grammar in Less Time

how to learn french grammar

Trying to create perfect French sentences can feel a bit laborious.

The gears in your brain really get cranking.

You know exactly what idea you want to express. You know the vocabulary you want to use.

But how can you …

The Best Games and Puzzles for Learning French

learning French games

It’s game time.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Here’s a riddle to get you started:

If a word skips, hops and jumps to the other side of the street, it’s a crossword.

So what do you

The Top 5 Types of Magazines to Learn French Best

French magazines

You’ve just finished a great French novel, and you’re ready to try something new.

Maybe you want to read some short stories or catch up on some features about those sports players you keep reading about in the newspaper

5 Addictive Novels That Intermediate French Learners Never Want to Put Down

intermediate french novels

Ready to move past “Le Petit Prince,” but not ready for “Les Misérables”?

Then grab yourself an addictive French page-turner!

You’ll find yourself whipping out the book and learning French whenever you have a spare moment.

Sounds easy enough, …

5 Swift Ways to Climb to Intermediate French Conversation

5 swift ways to climb to intermediate french conversation

You’re at the movies, and you’ve just seen a French film that you have to talk about.

You jump out of the theater, excited to share your thoughts and discuss the plot.

But you feel nervous—you’ve never moved past beginner

How to Keep Up with the Newest French Songs and Lyrics


You’re in a restaurant with some friends and a French song comes on.

It completely fits your music style, and you find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat.

You start to wonder: What is this song? How do …

5 Popular French Comic Books to Beat Boredom and Boost Learning


Holy French language learning, Batman!

Comic books captured our imaginations as children.

Who would have guessed that, as grown-ups, we’d use them for super-powered French language learning?

When we were kids, comic books (bande dessinée) brought some of our …