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Fluency Through Food: 6 Cooking Videos in French for Learning the Language


I once read on a mug somewhere that life is all about making important choices.

Now that mug had some wisdom.

Take my hungry French learner dilemma, for example.

Sometimes I feel hungry and want to spread my

Laugh, Cry and Learn French with 9 Captivating French Movie Trailers


It was one of those late-night study slams in the school library.

I had a French oral exam coming up that I was sure would be nothing short of certain doom.

I was wearily reading one of my many grammar …

5 Fabulous Online French Courses to Help You Take Advantage of Your Commute


We’ve all been there.

All language learners are familiar with that moment when your motivation completely deflates.

All you want is to stop reading your books, renounce bilingualism and its perks and listen to the saddest songs in Coldplay’s …