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6 YouTube Channels with Authentic French Videos That’ll Have You Feeling Like a Native

french videos

Feel as if you’ve sucked all those French grammar books dry?

Ready for the next level?

Every excelling language learner knows the best way to fully grasp a language is through immersion!

But what’s the ultimate immersion experience?


15 Unbelievable Everyday French Phrases with the Word “Butt”

everyday French phrases

What’s France’s favorite body part to flaunt linguistically?

If you thought “gluteus maximus,” you’re certainly right!

Censorship in France?

Never. No way!

If you’re ever granted the chance to travel around in France, take note of the advertisements—you won’t …

13 Easy French Idiomatic Expressions You’ll Never Forget

french idiomatic expression

Are you yourself in French?

Can you see your unique personality reflected in the French language?

You may have all the grammar down pat.

Even the tricks and sounds pose no problem, and you use eh, ah and hein with …

15 French Words That You’ve Seen Before… in English

french phrases used in english

This just in:

You’ve been a natural French speaker all your life!

Did you know that you were always semi-French before actually deciding to learn the language?

At least 29 percent of the English language derives from “le