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11 Unique French Words That Lose Their Beauty in Translation

unique french words

Are your ideas getting lost in translation?

Some things are simply better said in French.

When words are translated from one language to another, the true essence of the word can be lost.

We can convey the signified meaning …

How to Learn French Speaking at Home: 5 Dreamy Resources

how to learn French speaking at home

Quelle horreur!

Speaking French can be a nightmare at times.

Especially when you haven’t had much practice conversing with native speakers.

How many of us have mixed up our words and devolved into Neanderthals by uttering the wrong verb tense

14 Must-know Colloquial French Words to Sound Oh So Cool

colloquial french

French, like English, has a rich and thriving slang vocabulary that’s constantly evolving.

This fun vocabulary is becoming a part of everyday French thanks to les jeunes (the youth).

You may have had a native French speaker stop you in …

9 Incredibly French Expressions They Don’t Teach You in School

french expressions

Do you find that your French conversations are missing a certain je ne sais quoi?

They need a little something extra to reach perfection.

French expressions can put the cherry on top of your French sundae. 

You’ve done your …

6 Must-see French Drama Series That’ll Spoil You with Exciting French Learning

french drama series

French drama series throw kindling on your burning desire to learn French.

They can turn your little French spark into a full-on roaring fire!

This is important if you want to reach fluency.

As much as you love French, learning …

French Immersion Software: 5 Stellar Programs for Language Learning

French immersion software

Searching the internet for the best and brightest French immersion software?

The immersion part is key here—you’re not just looking for any old software.

You’re looking for something that will totally plunge you into the deep end of French

6 Indulgent Ways to Learn French at Home Through Cultural Immersion and TLC

learn French at home

You want to immerse yourself fully into the language and culture of France.

But does that mean you have to pick up your whole life and move to Paris or the French Riviera?

If you can’t become an expat