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5 Famous French Singers to Make You Love Learning French with Music


When you think of French musicians, do you draw a big blank?

Or maybe you’re just imagining accordions and dancing monkeys.

That’s too bad! The French have given the world quite a few lovely lyricists.

The advantage of learning more …

12 Must-know French Phrases for Savvy Travelers


Want to get a warm welcome when you travel to France?

Word on the street is that French people are super rude.

Well, you’ve likely never heard their side of the story.

Imagine being a native Parisian, just trying to …

10 Romantic French Phrases to Help You Get the Fille or Garçon of Your Dreams


It’s no coincidence that French kiss has a Gallic adjective!

French is known far and wide as the language of romance, and for good reason.

You can’t fully immerse yourself in French without exploring the romantic elements of French language

10 French Tongue Twisters to Perfect Your French Accent


Want to stump your friends?

We all remember challenging ourselves with crazy tongue twisters growing up.

Aside from being a fun camp activity, tongue twisters can also be a great way to learn a foreign language.

You’ve heard native speakers …

5 Most Common Questions About the French Simple Past Tense


French language learning is a winding path of complex conjugations, tenses, and moods.

After your French skills have advanced significantly, you will stumble upon the simple past tense: the passé simple.

As many French language learners know, the passé

10 French Slang Phrases You’ll Never Learn In School


When you’re just starting to learn French, you’ve gotta step up and memorize a lot of vocab.

Argot, or slang, can make all that memorizing way more fun.

It gives you a taste of real French, the language that real …

How to Create an At-home Oasis for Instant French Immersion


Ready to go from French student to French speaker?

The answer is simple: French immersion.

After burning yourself out every day with work, studies, social commitments and other life responsibilities, this probably seems beyond impossible.

How could you possibly …