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10 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Brush Up on Your French

brush up on french

Once upon a time, I lived in France, and life was awesome.

I spoke French so well that the occasional native thought I was one of them.

Then I moved back to the States.

Within a year, it was

5 French Books for Beginners That’ll Get You Psyched for Reading

french books for beginners

Reading in French can lead you to a whole new world.

The road to stellar comprehension can be tricky, but all you really need is the desire to learn. 

Curiosity will take you leagues farther than rote memorization and formal …

How to Immerse Yourself in French Without Moving Abroad

how to immerse yourself in french

In September 2009, I didn’t take a magical train to Hogwarts.

I did something better.

I flew across the Atlantic Ocean to start my new job as a live-in au pair in the suburbs of Paris.

A few days later, …