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Eye for Fluency: 8 Magnificent Sites for Advanced Online French Lessons

You’ve finally made it.

After years of study, hours spent on the subjunctive and getting to know the passé composé like the back of your hand, you’re an advanced French learner!

Now that you’re here, I know you want the best resources possible to perfect and polish your language skills.

The problem is, a lot of French learning material is skewed towards beginners.

If you want something a little more complicated, something complex and challenging enough to suit your tastes, you have to dig through piles of material to get there.

But no more! We’ve found a whole slew of amazing advanced French lessons out there and want to share them with you.

The Internet is a wonderful place for advanced learners to seek out learning material and get started on their final climb to fluency.

But why exactly should you take advantage of what the online world has to offer?

Why Advanced French Learners Should Look to Online Resources

French lessons online are incredibly accessible

Unless you have the luxury of spending all of your time learning languages, it’s more than likely that you have other things going on in your life. With online lessons, you can access advanced language material wherever you go! Better yet, with the huge variety of websites available, finding lessons at the right level (which is crucial for you) is very easy.

You can discover new topics

Do you ever feel like you’re going around and around with the same French lesson topics? Many beginner to intermediate courses focus on daily life rather than digging into culture, and if you’re an advanced learner, this can get a bit boring. With advanced-specific lessons, you can unearth a whole world of niche learning points related to the real lives of native French speakers and current events.

There are dozens of resources right at your fingertips

With the Internet, there’s never been a better time in which to learn a language. Whether you prefer lessons focused on visual, auditory or written learning, there’s plenty out there developed specifically for advanced learners.

You can even begin to access French news sites and native popular culture, which opens up a whole new sphere of language learning. What’s more, thanks to online forums, comments columns and Skype, it’s very easy to get a quick question to any language or grammar issue you might have. There are many advanced and native speakers out there waiting to help you out, and many resources through which you can connect to them. Which brings us to our next point…

You can connect with other learners from across the globe

Being an advanced learner is a wonderful thing to achieve, but unless you’re in a class, it can feel a little isolating. Unless you’re surrounded by learners at the same level, you can often find yourself spending hours on your own. But as long as you’re learning online, you can interact directly with other advanced learners and with Internet-based forums, Skype sessions and meetup groups.

You can access lessons taught by natives

Many lesson platforms use teacher-student services, and if you’re an advanced learner, this can often mean interacting with a native speaker directly. If you have a specific vocabulary point that you want to go over, or a niche grammar issue you’re struggling with, there’s no better way to get the full language story than by asking a native speaker.

So by now, I’m sure you’re convinced: Let’s take a look at some sites that you’re bound to love!

Stunning Sites: 8 Must-visit Online Spots for Advanced French Lessons


advanced french lessons online

Zut! is a site that was founded by a language teacher in order to provide accessible material for both teachers and learners. The lessons on the site advance to the very challenging, and if you’re looking for a solid resource to stretch your mind, Zut! is a great place to start. The website charges a one-off fee of £30 for use of the lessons during weekday hours, or can be accessed for free outside of this time. There are lots of benefits for advanced learners here specifically.

Advanced topics 

If you want an idea of what real French students study in school, these lessons can be very useful. The site focuses on topics that tend to be good for discussion, including current event themes like racism, terrorism and the French legal system, perfect for advanced learners in their complexity. Better yet, you can hone your knowledge of varied conversation points, a great option if you’re planning on visiting France any time soon.

In-depth grammatical focus

Each advanced lesson comes equipped with an entire arsenal of grammatical points. They look at anything from expressions of time, to differences between relative pronouns, to the past historic tense. If you’re ever stuck on a learning point, there are corresponding exercises and listening resources to help you out, and before you know it, you’ll be a grammar pro!

Library of digital resources

Encouraging its users to expand their learning beyond features on the website, Zut! has a great compilation of external digital learning materials. Not only are there links to online French exams, but also learning schools, French pronunciation websites and interactive language games. Even after you’ve finished the lessons on the site, there are dozens of other resources through which to perfect your French!


advanced french lessons online

This is a wonderful and incredibly adaptable learning tool offering material for all levels, and if you’re an advanced learner, it’s the perfect way to round out your understanding of the language.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

FluentU Ad

But FluentU is about a lot more than just watching videos. With numerous learning features that sync up in one comprehensive and convenient system, it allows you to break down tricky language points into manageable and clear chunks, all without sacrificing authenticity.

Basic subscriptions are an affordable price per month (with a discount if you sign up yearly) and include unlimited video and audio access with interactive captions, as well as questions and prompts to check your understanding and a 100% personalized experience.

Quizzes to test your understanding

In order to cement your comprehension of the videos, there are frequent exercises available through “learn mode,” in which you can look closely at all of the vocabulary in a video to commit it to memory. This enables you to enhance your French learning in a guided way, meaning that any learning barriers are easily overcome! In addition, FluentU keeps track of all of the material you’ve already learned, ensuring you the best experience possible.

Memorable learning content

Learning via video is a great way to rapidly improve your language skills and strengthen your memory. Combining vocabulary points with the action of videos, FluentU encourages you to consider new words from all angles, thereby enabling you to recall even the most difficult words and phrases a long time after learning them. By not just simulating but actually giving you access to real-life scenarios, FluentU helps prepare you thoroughly for any interactions you might have.

French immersion through native culture

You need never question the quality of the learning resources here: FluentU takes content directly from videos French natives watch regularly, providing helpful transcriptions and translations if and when you need them. Through the latest pop culture and interesting online content, you can get to grips with current trends in the language and understand events in the French-language world. There’s nothing closer to French living, except maybe moving to France! You can see for yourself by signing up for a free trial.

Another great place to get yourself immersed in French is FluentU’s French YouTube channel.

The channel takes the best clips on the internet and transforms them into French lessons, FluentU style! 

A perfect example is the following video, which uses comedy to teach you how to understand fast spoken French:

Improving your French language skills has never been easier. Subscribe to FluentU’s French YouTube channel today and you’ll get even closer to fluency, one video at a time!

Bonjour de France

advanced french lessons online

A website constructed entirely in French, Bonjour de France is great for advanced learners in particular. It encourages its users to overthrow the comfort of translation, and better yet, there’s a lot of content that’s particularly useful if you’re planning a move to a French-speaking country in the future. Bonjour de France is completely free, and can be accessed right away!

A detailed history of French culture

By the time you’ve reached the advanced stage of your learning process, you likely want a little more cultural information to sink your teeth into. Bonjour de France not only provides its learners with comprehensive lessons, it also takes a long look at the history of French culture and significant French events.

If you’re interested in the French literary masters, French architecture or music, you’ll find something here for you. Combine your own hobbies with your French progression and get more out of each lesson!

DELF training

If you’ve reached the advanced stage, it’s also possible that you’re interested in the DELF, the official French language diploma offered by France’s Ministry of Education. And for that, Bonjour de France has you covered! A significant part of the website is dedicated to DELF training. It’s incredibly easy to perfect your learning abilities and prepare for a life abroad!

Comprehensive grammar plans

There isn’t much in this world that’s trickier than advanced French grammar points, and Bonjour de France is well aware of this fact. Split into digestible chunks, grammar lessons range across the hypothetical, the conditional past and the simple future.

Split into reading, listening and interactive tests, each grammar plan is formulated for total comprehension. Again, lessons are also written entirely in French, encouraging advanced users to get used to using the language exclusively.

Scenario-based exercises

More often than not, the best way to learn is through real-life experience, and when we act out situations, it helps us better understand what’s going on. Bonjour de France embraces this mentality and, in the advanced lessons, bases many exercises on real scenarios.

Asking students to imagine both grammatical and vocabulary points, the advanced exercises simulate genuine situations in which a more in-depth understanding of the language might be required.


Frantastique is based around daily learning and immersion. So if you like committing a little time each day to your language skills, this is a great site to use. Confined to snappy, 15-minute lessons, Frantastique aims to keep motivation up by enabling you to improve a little bit every day. Advanced learners in particular can benefit from these kinds of lessons, especially when learning points become increasingly dense.

Frantastique has many different pricing plans, depending on the amount of access you want and the amount of time you wish to use the site. The prices also vary according to taxes in your country, but the basic membership costs about $48 per month if you’re only committing to 6 months, but the price drops substantially if you’re buying for a longer period of time. With this plan, you get access to basic lessons, tests and exercises. The premium subscription is about $72 per month for the 6-month plan and gets you access to in-depth lessons and further learning exercises. (The pro membership is recommended for businesses and runs about $96 per month for 6 months.)

Learning adapted to your specific level

Perhaps the best thing about Frantastique is that the site adapts lessons to each of its students. After you take an initial test to gauge your language level, you’re sent customized content designed to help you, specifically, along your learning journey!

Daily learning exercises and materials

Daily exercises and materials sent directly to your inbox make language learning incredibly easy. With a new topic each day, advanced learners will rejoice at the variation and lack of repetition. Plus, the lessons follow a storyline, so as you learn, you’ll be entertained and get to know a whole world of French culture.

Personalized feedback

Frantastique offers its users personalized feedback. While it’s somewhat helpful just to get a score, gaining access to written explanations after being quizzed is one of the best ways to improve at a language. Advanced learners can sign up with the knowledge that they’ll get the individual feedback that’s so vital to progressing in French.

Available on multiple platforms

Lessons and access to the website are available on multiple devices, so it’s incredibly simple to take your lessons with you wherever you go.

Verbal Planet

advanced french lessons online

Verbal Planet uses real teachers in its language lessons, making it one of the most comprehensive and useful language sites around. Advanced learners can get the one-to-one lessons that are so vital to progressing to full fluency and cover any specific language difficulties they might have. This makes Verbal Planet a great learning option.

Lesson costs vary depending on the individual teacher, but on average, tutors charge their students $22 per lesson. Verbal Planet also offers a lot of discounts, which increase according to the number of lessons that you sign up for.

Live lessons via Skype

Taking guidance from a page on a screen can often be detrimental to full comprehension, especially when grammar points are particularly tricky. With live lessons, learners have the option to talk about the language in-depth, in real time. Tricky points can be focused on for as long as it takes.

Native French-speaking teachers

Teachers associated with the site have a fluent understanding of the French language, making learning an incredibly enriching process! Not only do advanced learners have direct access to perfect pronunciation, they’re also able to talk about current events, French culture and new language points.

Access to French resources

The site also includes learning resources that students can take advantage of in their free time, such as worksheets, exercises and links to French radio and newspaper sites.

Passe Partout

Passe Partout is a language site formed specifically to help intermediate and advanced students with their oral comprehension. Even better, access to Passe Partout is completely free, so you can try it out right away!

Focus on oral comprehension

Each lesson on Passe Partout has been put together with listening practice in mind, so the website is particularly useful for those looking to make a move to France or French-speaking countries. The lessons become increasingly difficult and in-depth. With a list of useful vocabulary for each lesson, you can learn many new phrases and words.

Each comprehension exercise gives the student total control over their lesson. If a particular language point is proving trickier, you can take your time and come back if necessary.

Lessons based in French culture

Exercises cover huge variations in theme and as well as aspects of French culture and industry, art history and fiction, making them perfect for the advanced student.

If you’ve made it to the advanced stage, it’s likely that you harbor a great love for the French culture. Passe Partout runs with this assumption, exposing its students to some of the most in-depth and varied content around. Through your learning, it’s possible to understand even more about French culture, and by the end of the course, you’ll probably be booked on the next flight out!


advanced french lessons online

Altissia offers courses tailored to your individual level, so advanced learners should have no trouble finding material that’s challenging enough for them here.

Prices for Altissia vary according to the length of subscription. A 1-month subscription costs 49€, 3 months cost 33€ per month and 12 months 21€ per month. Students who use the year’s subscription also have access to a language helpdesk, where any questions can be answered.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition is available on this site, aimed to help students perfect their pronunciation skills—an ability that’s imperative when you’re an advanced learner!

In-depth option for French business

If your aim is to improve in language for professional reasons, then Altissia is a very useful site indeed! With a business-specific course on the website, users can gain access to industry and office jargon. Lessons also look at daily interactions and French customs, which are a must for any advanced business learner.

Instant lesson feedback

Thanks to interactive technology on the website, students have instant access to information on any language mistakes they might have made. Altissia is created in order to give students a well-rounded, practical experience, and through its interactive learning platforms and quick feedback, you can rapidly progress and hone your comprehension.

Learn French at Home

advanced french lessons online

Through Learn French at Home, advanced learners get access to tailored lesson plans and one-on-one interactions. Based around Skype lessons, Learn French at Home brings French culture and native speakers directly to you. Prices for lessons vary according to the type of plan you choose, and you can check out specific information on the website.

Access to a learning forum

In addition to practicing with a live teacher, you can access a student learning forum on the site. Here, you can talk or read about French culture, daily news or even pose other students difficult language questions. This gives you direct access to people at a similar learning level and can greatly help your ability to understand French.

Regular learning exercises

Teachers are not only there for students to talk to and ask questions—each Skype lesson is based around a specific exercise that will be determined based on your level, the program you sign up for and your individual goals and objectives.

Access to e-books and magazines

Learn French At Home is very big on extra-curricular learning, and as a result has its own magazine and e-books available for purchase on the site. Through these, advanced learners get insight into topics ranging from French family life to grammar to French politics.

Whatever you’re searching for as an advanced student, there’s a website out there for you.

Thanks to the huge variety on offer online, it’s never been easier to perfect your French, wherever you are in the world.

Through online lessons, it’s very possible to move from advanced to fluent in no time at all!

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