Learn English with YouTube: The 12 Best Channels


Have you tried to learn English with YouTube?

YouTube isn’t just about cats and silly videos anymore.

You’ll quickly find thousands of English learning videos on YouTube—for free.

But then how will you know what to watch?

To help …

20 Lovely Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Words for English Learners

20 Lovely Valentine's Day Vocabulary Words for English Learners

Are you madly in love with someone?

Are you also learning English?

Then make them swoon this Valentine’s Day with this vocabulary list of romantic English words.

With these detailed explanations and examples, you’ll make them fall madly in love …

96 Super Common English Idioms (With Meanings and Pictures)

english idioms

Why is it so important to learn English idioms?

Well, say you’re in an American bar.

It’s loud, but you can hear what people are saying.

Someone is talking about hitting books…

…another is talking about twisting someone’s arm……

17 Smart Ways to Say Goodbye in English

say goodbye english

Tired of saying “goodbye”?

Want to take your boring “goodbye” and turn it into something friendlier or more interesting?

You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re an ESL student looking to speak more naturally with your English-speaking friends, or …

17 Useful English Greetings for English Learners

english greetings

You probably already know “hello” and “how are you?”

However, English speakers don’t always say “hello” and “how are you?”

They also use many other English greetings and expressions to say slightly different things.

You can also use such English …

Learn English with Songs and Lyrics: 8 Catchy Tips and Music Resources

learn english with songs

Pretty much everyone likes to learn English with songs, right?

I mean, you probably already hear the top English songs on the radio every day.

And listening to English music is a lot more fun than drilling grammar concepts (although …