33 Spring and Summer Themed English Sayings

english sayings

After a long winter, we’re all excited for warm weather! 

Goodbye, snow.

Hello, useful English sayings!

Spring is officially here in the northern parts of the world.

The days are getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer.

Soon …

4 Popular Social Media Sites for Practicing English Online

practice english online

The whole world is connected by social media.

That means you’re connected to millions of native English speakers right now.

This makes learning English much easier than it used to be.

Social media also makes modern life a bit more …

How to Learn English Grammar with 11 Catchy Songs for Language Nerds

Watching English-language television shows can help learners in more than one way.

Think about a recent commercial you saw on TV.

Maybe it was for cereal, cat food or a fancy car.

Can you remember the exact words that the …

18 English Flirting Phrases for Your Special Someone

flirt english

Want to find love in a foreign country?

Or do you at least want to flirt with cool new people while traveling?

You can introduce yourself in English confidently.

You can also pronounce things like a native when talking.

But …

How to Improve English Grammar by Reading Smart and Fun Children’s Books

how to improve english grammar

Reading is like exercise for your brain.

You use your “mental muscles” when you read books or learn new things, until eventually your body remembers how to do it and it gets easier. When you read articles on Buzzfeed, …

15 Best Facebook Pages for Learning English

learn english facebook

What do pictures of cats, babies and food have in common with learning English?

You can see all these pictures and learn English on Facebook.

Facebook has a huge international community and it can be a perfect place to learn …

The Essential Guide to the English Present Tense

english present tense

People always say that you should “live in the moment.”

That means you should live right now.

But how can you talk about right now?

Imagine that you meet a new person.

After you exchange names, you probably want to …