How to Learn Spoken English Through Humor

learn spoken english

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“To learn English fluently!”

Okay, maybe that’s not how the joke really goes. The actual response is “To get to the other side!”

That’s one of the best known jokes in English. It …

Your Complete English Vocabulary Guide for Ordering Beer and Wine at Restaurants


Ready to live the good life while learning English?

A great way to meet new friends and practice your English is on a restaurant patio in the summertime, sharing some food and having a drink or two.

When you’re …

How to Learn Killer English Vocabulary from 21 Popular Memes

how to learn english vocabulary

Spending a lot of time online?

Then you’ve probably started seeing the same pictures over and over again.

Welcome to the internet! You’ve discovered memes.

Many of these repeated pictures have white writing on them.

Some make sense, …

Learn English Daily with This Powerful 35-Minute Study Routine

how to learn english

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to spend hours a day studying English.

Of course, it does help—the more you study and expose yourself to the English language, the better you’ll become.

There are many ways to learn

9 Tools and Tips to Self Study English Effectively

self study english

It’s time to ask yourself:

How confident are you?

Your answer should be:

Totally confident.

And if this is true, you know you can definitely learn English by yourself, right?

That’s great! Because wherever you go, the English language …

10 Simple Strategies to Learn Perfect English Pronunciation

learn english pronunciation

When learning English, what you see isn’t always what you hear.

These recent years have been great. The world is always becoming more and more connected, so more and more people are learning new languages.

English is one …

33 Spring and Summer Themed English Sayings

english sayings

After a long winter, we’re all excited for warm weather! 

Goodbye, snow.

Hello, useful English sayings!

Spring is officially here in the northern parts of the world.

The days are getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer.

Soon …