Seeing Double? How to Tell Apart Similar Words in English


Are there any twins in your family?

Do you have friends who are identical twins?

Or maybe you’re even a twin yourself!

Twins are two siblings who are born at the same time.

They may look almost exactly alike, but

Eureka! The 17 Best Tools That Teach English for Science and Technology


Let’s put your English skills under a microscope.

What do you see?

Do you have the vocabulary you need to succeed in your field? How about confidence reading English research papers, or discussing the latest findings with English-speaking colleagues?

If …

4 Academic English Help Resources for an A+ Education


“Do not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody gets through college on their own.”

These wise words from Michelle Obama are true for any student.

They are especially relevant to students who are taking all their classes in a

Big Ideas with Little Text: 18 Easy English Short Stories


Have you tried to run a marathon with no practice?

I hope not. You might pull a muscle.

You need to start small in order to achieve something big like that.

When it comes to learning English, what if I …

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t! 12 Myths About Learning English


Envy is a strong word.

I’m sure we’re all very nice people, but envy is one of those negative emotions we feel when we see someone speaking English fluently.

Why would you be envious?

Well, because they make speaking …

How to Learn English by Chatting: 6 Chat Apps for Meeting Native English Speakers


“Go on—say something in English!”

If you have friends or family who know you’re learning English, you’ve probably heard this request before.

Don’t they know it’s not that easy?

Speaking in English is hard!

You might not always find …

How Important Is English, Really? 5 Ways the Language Can Benefit Your Life


We all know that there are millions of English speakers across the globe.

But what makes English an important language, not just a common one?

Is it really worth putting all that time, effort and energy into learning English