10 Best English App Downloads to Start Using Now

I remember trying to haul heavy textbooks on my walk to and from school every day.

Luckily, today you can add daily English practice into your routine by watching movies, reading books or playing games… all from your phone!

When you’re waiting for the bus, standing in line at the grocery store or killing time (waiting) between activities, you can simply pull out your phone and use any of our listed apps to practice English!


The Benefits of Using English Learning Apps

Why are apps helpful?

For one, they’re accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s time to take advantage of the ever-present cellphone by using it to master your English.

  • You can use apps every day. You don’t need to spend hours studying in order to become familiar with English. Instead, try using an app for ten or fifteen minutes at a time a couple of times a day.
  • Apps can help you learn vocabulary. Apps that include a lot of repetition are great for memorizing new words. Many apps teach vocabulary through games, which is much more fun than staring at a list.
  • You can also use apps to learn grammar. Games make grammar more fun to learn and easier to remember. Some apps include videos and stories to help you recognize correct grammatical structures, which you can start using in real life.
  • Apps teach you correct pronunciation. Many apps use your phone’s ability to take videos and record to help you nail down (perfect) your pronunciation. Apps give you immediate pronunciation feedback and the chance to keep practicing.
  • Apps are great for practicing conversations. With the help of your phone, you can connect with native speakers and other learners who can help you practice in real time. This can be more helpful than learning in class, where there’s more pressure to say everything perfectly.

And now, let’s get into the best apps to download today so you can get practicing!

10 English App Downloads Every Modern Learner Needs

Learn to Speak English by TalkEnglish

Available: Android


Learn to Speak English is one of the best apps out there for practicing your pronunciation.

You first listen to a native speaker read a sentence. You can listen as many times as you like to make sure you understand the words!

Then, it’s your turn. You can record your own voice and compare it to the native speaker’s voice. This helps you identify words that you’ve been saying incorrectly, and you can practice until you sound like a native!

The app is easy to use and incorporates real-world scenarios, so that you can practice conversations that are relevant to your life.

There are over 900 lessons in the Learn to Speak English app, so you won’t run out of practice anytime soon.

But in case you do, TalkEnglish has several other apps designed for each level of learning.


Available: iOS | Android

FluentU is an app and website that teaches you English through authentic videos—the kind made by native speakers, for native speakers. This includes music videos, news reports and commercials.

All of the videos come with interactive subtitles that show you the meaning of each word. They also include details like its pronunciation, grammatical information and uses in example sentences.

Personalized quizzes are also offered for every video. The quizzes feature sound and video clips, so you’ll get to practice your listening. There are sections too where you’ll have to speak out loud (with feedback from the app). 

For self-paced studying, you can save new words as flashcards and review them on the go. 

Because the video library covers a variety of genres and difficulty levels, you can easily find the right videos that fit your needs and interests.

English with Lingualeo

Available: Android


English with Lingualeo meets you at your level.

Before getting into the app, each student completes a placement test to determine their English level. This way, no lesson will be too easy or too difficult.

English with Lingualeo offers daily personalized tasks to keep you on track. This app is great for building consistency with your practice. It makes you want to log in every day to further your progress.

This app has a little bit of everything. You can complete grammar exercises, read books, listen to English songs and watch videos.

Plus, English with Lingualeo tracks your progress for you. If you’re ever feeling discouraged, this app will show you just how far you’ve come! This will build your confidence and get you excited to learn again.


Available: Android


The enguru app isn’t available for iOS devices just yet, but you can download it to an Android phone or to your computer.

This app has over 600 lessons available to learners. There are exercises and worksheets, as well as live videos taught by Cambridge-qualified teachers.

The app focuses on conversation practice. It’s a great way to master dialogue and learn phrases that you can use immediately as you practice English.

This app also has several games to make learning fun. It even includes multiplayer games so that you can learn with friends. After all, practice is easier when you have someone else to help motivate you.

Another great feature of enguru is its ability to choose a focus area. If you’re practicing for a job interview or a specific skill, you can let the app know and complete exercises tailored to that skill. You’ll feel like a professional in no time.


Available: iOS | Android


Mondly is an excellent app because it adapts to your learning level. As you use the app, it’ll challenge you more. As soon as you’ve learned one thing, you’ll effortlessly move on to the next.

You’ll have access to daily lessons, a dictionary, a verb conjugator and speech recognition technology.

Professional voice actors read dialogues to help you learn pronunciation and gain experience listening to real conversations.

Speech recognition allows you to practice your own dialogue. Mondly will provide feedback on your pronunciation and your English usage.

Mondly also tracks your progress for you and makes it easy for you to advance. It teaches useful, relevant subjects that you’re sure to use in your daily life.

Plus, you can learn English from one of over 30 different languages. This means you can get help in your native language as you practice English.


Available: iOS | Android


Hallo is all about practicing English with others. This social app connects you to English speakers and English learners around the world.

You’ll be paired with a speaking partner. The two of you can then practice English together through live streaming. This interactive method helps you work on your pronunciation and builds your conversation skills.

You can search for friends to be paired with, or you can request to be matched with a partner from a specific country or with a certain English level.

Hallo also offers live lessons. Native speakers teach these classes so that you can get extra help learning English.

Plus, Hallo is extremely practical. Since you’re having real conversations with real people, you’ll be learning English that you’ll use in everyday life.


Available: iOS | Android


LibriVox isn’t specifically designed for English learners, but it’s a valuable resource! This app has hundreds of recorded stories and audiobooks for every level.

How does this help with learning English?

By listening to a story, you can learn tons of new vocabulary words. You’ll also be practicing grammar by listening to it used correctly in these stories.

Listening to audiobooks will also help you perfect your pronunciation. You can listen to the story and then try repeating sentences you’ve heard. LibriVox lets you pause and rewind the audio whenever you need to hear a sentence again or want to practice saying a difficult word.

Many of the stories on LibriVox are easy to understand and great for beginners.

Plus, if you like stories, you’ll be able to have fun while you learn. This is an easy way to incorporate more English into your daily life.


Available: iOS | Android


BurlingtonEnglish offers practical English training. The app helps you practice both grammar and vocabulary.

There are also career courses available to help you learn the specific English skills you need to get a job. This practical application makes it easy to learn since you know you’re moving closer to your goals every day.

BurlingtonEnglish has tons of exercises and worksheets for vocabulary practice. It can pair nicely with English classes you’re already taking, as a supplemental opportunity for learning.

Another great feature of BurlingtonEnglish is the SpeechTrainer. This tool helps students practice their pronunciation. You can record your voice and receive instant feedback on which words you’ve mastered and which ones you need a little more work on.

LearnEnglish Grammar

Available: iOS | Android


LearnEnglish Grammar is an app created by the British Council. Apart from this U.K. edition, there’s also a U.S. edition of the app that teaches American English.

As you can guess from its name, LearnEnglish Grammar is designed to help you become familiar with grammar. When you can perfect your grammar, you’ll begin to sound like a native speaker.

LearnEnglish Grammar uses 10 different types of activities to help you learn. While many apps only offer multiple-choice exercises, this app uses a variety of activities, such as fill-in-the-blanks and matching.

You can test your knowledge in different areas and learn to think quickly when you’re using English in your daily life.

This app also offers several levels of learning. You can use the app as a beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced learner.

Plus, in-app help is offered in several languages. You can learn English starting from your native language, and technology problems won’t get in the way of your learning experience.


Available: iOS | Android


While many of the apps on this list focus on vocabulary and pronunciation, DoodleSpell is focused on spelling practice.

This app was designed for kids, but it’s fun for adult learners as well. It’s highly interactive and includes a variety of activities and games to make learning fun.

This app also focuses on building confidence. It rewards each success and shows your progress, so you can be reminded just how much your English has improved.

DoodleSpell is also personalized to match the educational level of each learner, so it gets more difficult as you get better.

DoodleEnglish is another app designed by the same company and offers broader English-learning help in grammar, punctuation and comprehension.


Now that you know which apps can help you practice English, it’s time to download some and start practicing.

An English learning app can go with you wherever you are, and many of these apps can be used for as little as ten minutes or an hour. They’re also great for daily practice and language repetition.

With the help of these apps, you’ll be speaking fluently in no time and having fun in the process!

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