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Fantastic English Phrases for Any Occasion

english phrases

When you hear a song, you normally don’t think about every note in the song.

You just hear a melody (tune).

When you hear someone speaking English, you might think about each word they say.

But there’s an easier way …

When to Use “The” in English: The Definitive Guide

when to use the in english

One of the most important words in the English language is surprisingly short.

It’s only three little letters.

It’s the word “the”!

It might be small, but knowing when to use “the” in English can be a big problem for …

40 English Weather Idioms That Make Speaking English a Breeze

english weather idioms

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to talk about.

Why not talk about the weather?

It’s something that everyone has in common.

We all relate to it.

But what if you need more than just an icebreaker

Success at Work: A Guide to English for Professionals

english for professionals

Learning English can feel like a full-time job.

You have to start out with basic training, spending many hours learning simple words.

You may even need to learn a whole new alphabet just so you can read and write all …

Learn English Words: The Basic Tools for English Language Mastery

english words

Words are tools for speaking a language.

Like all tools, you need to make sure you have the right ones.

You can’t build a table without a hammer. You can’t fry an egg without a pan.

And you can’t express …

Is, Are, Am and Beyond: Master the Very Irregular English “to Be” Verb and Its Main Forms and Uses

to be verbs

It might be small, but it is powerful!

I am talking about the little English word to be, of course.

Did you know that the verb to be is the most frequently used English verb?

Of all the available …

How to Use the English Past Continuous: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

english past continuous

The policeman came in.

“What were you doing on the night of the murder?” he asked.

“I was studying English grammar, Sir.”

“Oh, were you? Can you prove it?”

“I can indeed. My mom was watching a series on