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Clothes Vocabulary by the Seasons! 12+ English Words for Fashionable Language All Year


Look at you!

Snazzy. Fresh. Fly. 

In other words, you look good!

But do you know what you’re wearing?

English clothes vocabulary can be pretty confusing. Some words are super specific, while others are used for all kinds of clothing …

Discover the 30 Most Common English Words and How to Use Them


They may be small, but do not underestimate them.

English words do not need to be long and complicated to cause confusion.

Is it to? Or two? Or maybe too?

Wear will I find the answer? …

The Practical Guide to Voice in English Grammar (Rules + Real-life Examples)


Uh oh—did you mess up?

Broke your spouse’s favorite lamp?

Forgot to pick your friend up from the airport?

Showed up an hour late to work?

Just use a little trick that English speakers have to get out of trouble.

“Make a Difference” or “Create a Difference?” 5 Essential English Collocations, Explained


Hamburgers and french fries.

Socks and shoes.

Lizzy and Darcy.

Some things are just made to be together.

Did you know there are even certain English words that go hand-in-hand?

These words are called collocations. You’ll always find them …

How to Count in English (Without Memorizing Every Number)


Easy as one, two, three!

Maybe you have heard that English expression before.

Simple! Quick! No problem!

But “one,” “two” and “three” are not usually the problem when it comes to counting in English.

How about one thousand, two hundred

Will, Would, What!? The Simple Guide to Modal Verbs in English


Everybody can use a little help now and then!

That goes for English verbs, too.

Sometimes, one verb alone just won’t cut it.

A modal verb can help the main verb do its job.

Modal verbs add more meaning

Wonderful Red Chair or Red Wonderful Chair? How to Put English Adjectives in Order


Imagine a world without order.

Even the simplest activities would fail disastrously.

Take getting dressed.

You can’t put on your shoes before your socks, your tie before your shirt or your pants before your underwear.

Well… you could, but …