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The 8 Types of English Nouns You Need to Know, with Lots of Examples

types of nouns in english

What do dogs, a lake, sunglasses, Mount Kilimanjaro and a banana all have in common?

Not sure?

They’re all examples of nouns.

If you didn’t recognize these words as nouns right away, don’t worry. In this post, we’re going to

Mark Your Calendars: It’s Time to Learn the Months in English!

months in english

When’s your birthday?

Mine’s in June!

Or is it July? Or maybe January?

Learning the months in English can be tricky (challenging)!

And then there’s the added problem of memorizing each month’s holidays in English.

Maybe you already know words …

Bees, Butterflies and Beyond: 34 Insects in English to Add to Your Collection

insects in english

Caterpillar, cockroach, cricket, oh my!

Did you know that there are over 900 thousand different kinds of insects, which makes up 80% of the world’s animal species?

Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to learn all 900 thousand to be …

From Fairs to Novels: 21 Everyday English Words with Multiple Meanings

english words with multiple meanings

Once upon a time, there was a fair boy at the fair, and he was really fair!

There was also a bat flying around a bat, a friend of mine in a mine and a man with a bow bowing …

29 Car Parts in English: Let’s Break It Down!

car parts in English

English is spoken in more than 70 countries around the world.

You can use English as you road-trip through all 50 states of the United States of America.

You can speak with locals in English as you drive …

To vs. For: What’s the Difference? Learn How to Use “To” and “For” in English Sentences

to vs for

Look at these two sentences:

Can you bring some flowers for Mary?

Can you bring some flowers to Mary?

Do these sentences have different meanings?

The answer is yes—these sentences have different meanings. But maybe you can’t see why.

Are …

Ice, Wind, Sand, Fog: How to Talk About the 4 Seasons in English

seasons in english

What’s your favorite time of year?

Do you prefer the sun, sand and hot weather? Or do you like the snow and the cold?

How about something in the middle: warm, but not too hot, maybe a few clouds …