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The Beginner's Guide to Talking About Family in English


You’re on vacation with a group or at a weekend barbecue.

You’re walking around introducing yourself and making new friends.

You’re telling people your name and sharing a bit of information about yourself.

So what comes next? What do …

20 Delicious English Idioms to Spice Up Your Conversations


Would you like a pizza without any toppings?

No meat, no onions, no cheese!

How do you think it would taste?

Not very good, I’m sure.

What if we topped it with chicken, pepperoni, corn, mushrooms, bell peppers and mozzarella?…

8 English Word Stress Rules to Promote Clear Communication


When you speak English, do you say the words evenly or do you sing them?

You should be singing!

No, I’m not talking about karaoke.

What I mean is that your intonation and pitch should fluctuate (go up and …

Spell-binding, Magical, Must-see: How to Really Talk About Movies in English


The movie theater is your happy place. You can’t think of anywhere else you’d rather be.

You love the smell of popcorn and the feel of the cold soda in your hands.

You don’t even mind the sticky floors! You …

13 Common English Questions and Answers to Give Your Social Life a Boost


Let’s face it: “Hello! How are you?” can only get you so far in life.

Your English classes have prepared you for language exams, university classes and travel—but have they prepared you for Friday night?

One reason why learning …

Your English Tourism Vocabulary List for Connecting with Absolutely Any Traveler


Some people learn English for their trip abroad, while many learn English for work.

But what if you use English for both?

For example, do you work as a hotel receptionist?

A local tour guide?

A bus driver?…

Lessons in Lyrics! How to Listen to Popular Music and Learn Important English Lessons from It


Everyone has one. That song you can’t get out of your head no matter how hard you try.

The song or album you play on repeat, over and over again.

The lyrics you always find yourself singing along to, even …