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How to Talk About Rock, Pop, Indie and Country Music in English


Music is supposed to be the universal language of humanity.

That might be true.

But you still need another language to talk about music itself.

And this is where the problem starts.

If you feel that a lack of knowledge …

25 Delicious Phrases for Talking About Food in English


Oh, no—I opened Instagram before lunch again.

Big mistake.

All my friends’ pictures of giant sandwiches, colorful soups and chocolate chip cookies are seriously making me hungry.

I should’ve known! Food is one of the biggest topics of

How to Start Talking About Money in English Better Than Your Banker


Some say that music is the universal language.

That might be true.

But it is the language of money that is universally understood.

No matter where you go and why you go there, you will need to talk about money.…

9 Components That Will Help You Master the Art of Informal English Conversation


Whatsapp me the time, would you? 

Gonna. In a jiffy.

Is this how you sound when you speak English?

Maybe you don’t, but you should know that other people might.

Native English speakers among them.

During my first few days …

33 Words and Phrases for Talking About the Weather in English


Afraid of thunderstorms?

Like to dance in the rain?

Find lightning beautiful?

Every year, storms roll across our cities—rain storms, snow storms, hail storms, etc.

That’s why most of us keep the Weather Channel bookmarked and ready on …

Thanks a Million! 25 Ways to Say “Thank You” in English


Let’s play a little game.

I want you to count how many ways you can say thank you in different languages.

Go on, take out your fingers and start counting!

Merci. Arigato. Gracias. Kamsahamnida. Xie

Punctuation Pro! The Ultimate Guide to Mastering English Punctuation Marks


Punctuation mistakes can cost millions of dollars.

Just ask the dairy company who lost a lawsuit due to a missing comma.

They can also spark fiery debates that ignite a whole country.

Think about punctuation’s importance to American gun