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The Guide to English Vocabulary Exercises: How to Grow Your Vocabulary and Improve Your English

english vocabulary exercises

Are you ready to exercise your vocabulary-learning muscles?

An article on the BBC website states that if you know 800 English words, you will be able to understand 75% of what is said in everyday conversations.

I am not sure …

Can I Learn English Myself? How to Successfully Teach Yourself English

learn english myself

Meditating in your bedroom.

Reading an exciting book.

Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and listening to the rain.

Some of the best things can be done by yourself.

So, what about learning English?

We always hear …

The Secret Power of the 4 English Language Skills: Speak, Write, Listen and Read Better with 19 Tips

english language skills

Do you want to hear a secret?

How about four?

Ready? Here are the four secrets to language learning:

Speaking, writing, listening and reading.

If you want to become fluent in English, you’ll need to work on all four …

6 Typical Conversations Between Two Friends in English


Hotels. Business meetings. Taxis.

You may know how to use English in these places.

You may know the right English phrases to book a room for the night, to make a business deal, to use transportation.

But other conversations can …

How to Improve Your English with 7 Fun Activities


Learning a language completely on my own taught me a very important secret.

And I’m sharing it with you.

A language is so much more than just its grammatical rules and basic vocabulary.

Knowing a language well means understanding a

6 Incredible Benefits of Learning English

teaching english vowels

What if I told you that one thing can completely change your approach to language learning?

This one important thing is the key to learning English.

Do you want to change the way you think about learning?

If you are …

12 Low-pressure Ways to Improve Spoken English Now

spoken english

Um… line!

When an actor forgets their next line while rehearsing, they can yell “line!” and someone will help them out.

Wouldn’t it be nice if English learners had the same thing?

Like when you’re speaking in English but you …