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The Importance of English Grammar: When It Matters (And Three Rules You Can’t Ignore)


Imagine trying to build a house with wood but no nails, screws or glue.

How would the structure hold together?

It wouldn’t. It would fall to pieces.

That’s what it’s like to speak in English without proper grammar.

Each sentence …

Vocab Struggles? 4 Memorable Techniques to Learn Hard English Words


They always pop up at the worst moments.

Like on a customs document when you’re headed to a vacation.

Or on confusing food labels when you’re grocery shopping.

And, of course, on those difficult passages during English exams.…

4 Efficient Tricks to Improve Your English Communication


Learning English is like a delicious slice of cake.

When you first see it, it looks amazing.

It is covered in frosting that looks very tasty. Its sweet smell fills the room, making your mouth water.

But as time …

The Importance of English Pronunciation: How to Speak Clearly and Avoid Common Mistakes


“I am so worried,” my Colombian English student said.

“My doctor is traveling abroad and I haven’t heard from her in two days!”

Wow, she must really love her doctor, I thought.

After all, that’s not something that most …

5 Techniques to Achieve Public Speaking Perfection in English


What could be feared more than death?

Apparently, for some people, it is public speaking!

The fear of public speaking has its own term: glossophobia.

You might understand this fear if you are an English language learner who …

What Is Academic English? Top 3 Traits All Students Should Recognize


You’re sitting in class, listening to your professor.

Everything seems to make sense.

You’re nodding along and writing your notes.

But things change when you get back home.

Suddenly, your notes aren’t so clear.

You glance at your next reading …

How to Speak English with Kids at Home: 6 Fun Ideas for Daily Learning


If you speak English, you’re able to communicate with 20% of the people on Earth.

That’s 1.5 billion people!

Now that’s a lot of potential new friends, connections and employers.

Why not give the kids in your life such amazing