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7 Incredible Resources Designed to Help You Learn English


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Most people are familiar with this beautiful line from the celebrated Dr. Seuss, a children’s author beloved by …

18 Easy English Lessons for Every Beginner Language Skill


Babies usually speak their first word after their first birthday.

By the time they turn two, their vocabulary expands to about 100 words.

When they turn four, they have conversation skills that are comparable to adults!

You’ll follow …

Love a Good Story? Learn English Through 15 Exciting English Comic Books


A picture is worth a thousand words.

But do you know what’s even better?

A picture with words!

This simple idea was used to create comic books more than a 100 years ago. Today, the comic book is one of …

Top 7 Sites That Teach Real English Conversation


English learners live in two completely separate worlds.

One could be called the “Study World.” Time can feel painfully slow here. There’s usually a specific (and unexciting) goal, like getting to the next chapter or passing a test.

In “Study …

8 Best Interactive Websites for English Grammar Exercises Online


Do you know that amazing feeling after a long run?

Physical exercise is great for the body.

It makes you feel strong, calm and refreshed.

The same principle applies to the mind, especially when it comes to language learning.

You …

10 English PC Software Options That Make Learning Entertaining


You can feel your eyes getting heavy.

It’s so hard to concentrate.

You’re not interested in studying English right now.

You need to learn, but you’re so bored it’s making you sleepy.

You’d rather just play around on your laptop

Learn English with Short Conversations in 15 Awesome Films


Little things are often the most useful.

Take buttons, for instance.

Napoleon may have lost a war because of them.

It is thought that while he was invading Russia, the buttons of his army’s coats may have fallen apart …