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Quick Access to Hundreds of Effective English Vocabulary Quizzes for All Levels and Likes

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Pop quiz!

Oh no!

Remember, when your teacher would spring (give without notice) a surprise quiz on your class, and you would immediately (right away) go into panic mode?

Well, do not worry, these are not those types of anxiety-causing …

8 Online English Speaking Courses to Become a Confident English Speaker

english speaking course online

I love speaking in English.

It’s the language I feel most comfortable in.

I speak English loudly and proudly, to anybody who will listen!

You’d never know that as a kid, I was afraid of speaking in English.

The very …

11 Unique English Love Dialogues (With Videos!) from Movies and TV Shows


On my first date with my now-husband, I spilled guacamole down the front of my dress. How embarrassing!

I thought our romance was over. Luckily, he just laughed and we continued dating.

Love can look very different for different people.

Sing Along and Learn 6 Continuous Tenses in English with These 11 Popular Pop Songs


You know that feeling when something just does not seem to end?

Or all those moments that you wish could continue for longer?

Maybe it is that book you have been reading for the past two years.

Or it is …

Free English Grammar Tests: A Resource Guide for Grammar Perfectionists

english grammar test

Do you struggle with taking tests?

Maybe you get nervous or forget everything you’ve learned once you sit down in the exam room.

Practice is an integral part of learning anything from playing an instrument to perfecting English grammar.

And, …

Have You Heard? These 8 English Listening Apps Will Get You Fluent, Fast!


My mother taught me that unless one learns how to listen, one can never truly learn a language.

Listening, she told me, isn’t just an act of hearing. It means paying close attention to (and fully understanding) what’s being …

Beat the Intermediate English Blues with These 15 Top Resources


Learning a language is like climbing a mountain.

First, there’s the preparation: you load your language-learning backpack with tools for success, such as apps for learning English and a list of the easiest, most common English words.

As you …