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How to Greatly Improve Your English Pronunciation in 14 Steps

how to improve english pronunciation


“Can you say that again?”

How many times do you hear this when you’re speaking? Even if your vocabulary and English grammar are perfect, it can still be difficult for people to understand you because of your pronunciation.

Learning …

Learn Casual, Everyday English Phrases from These 8 Awesome Webcomics

learn english comics

Learning English words is important.

But do you know how to put them together into phrases and sentences?

To speak English like a native, you need to learn how to use your words correctly. You need to learn …

Sweeten Up Your Vocab: 10 Fun and Effective Ways to Learn English Vocabulary

10 fun and effective ways to learn english vocabulary

Are you having trouble remembering the vocabulary words on your flashcards?

Do you feel ready to give up?

Well don’t! Maybe you just need something different to help you learn English vocabulary—something colorful and fun!

Every year, people from all …

20 Free English E-books That’ll Give You a Taste of Classic English Literature

20 free english E-books that'll give you a taste of classic english literature

Reading lets you explore a whole new world.

Have you ever wondered how animals think and feel?

Want to be swept away by a powerful romance?

There’s no other learning material that lets you get so fully immersed in …

How to Learn English with Audiobooks: The Ultimate Guide

how to learn english with audiobooks

Is it hard to find time to read books in English?

Or if you do read sometimes, do you ever wish you could hear someone saying the sentences aloud while you read?

It would help your English pronunciation so …