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From “A” to “Zed”: The Differences Between American and British English

differences between american and british english

“Why do British people talk so funny?”

That’s a common question my students ask me.

But another common question is, “Why do American people talk so funny?”

It’s interesting, because those questions show that we may think something is “funny”

Hey, Peeps! 31 English Words for an Easter Vocabulary Feast

easter vocabulary

What if I told you that a giant rabbit would bring you chocolate eggs while you sleep?

Would you think I was crazy, or would you just realize I was talking about Easter?

We’ve recently talked about English vocabulary for

Learn 29 Common English Sayings from Katy Perry, Beyoncé and More Pop Icons

common english sayings

Want to improve your English quickly?

Then you should let Katy Perry and Beyoncé be your new English teachers.

That sounds crazy, right?

I promise, it makes perfect sense—these famous musicians, along with many other people who sing your favorite …

50 English Words That Capture the Romance of Valentine’s Day

valentines day words

Every February 14th, the world goes a little crazy.

February 14th, of course, is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that many people around the world celebrate. It’s a day when people who are in love spend time together, give each …

How Many of These 23 Christmas Traditions Do You Know in English?

english christmas traditions

When you hear the word “Christmas,” what do you think of?

Do you think of snow, Christmas trees and hot chocolate?

Or do you think of a sunny Christmas Day barbecue at the beach with friends?

In different English-speaking

Don’t Miss These! 11 Websites You Should Be Using to Learn English

websites to learn english

You’re probably reading this online.

Well, you can save these articles as a PDF, so maybe you’re reading offline.

But you’re probably reading on a computer, phone or tablet.

Printed books and articles are wonderful. It’s great to have …

Having Thanksgiving Dinner? 25 English Words and Phrases You’ll Be Thankful You Know

thanksgiving english

What was the first word you learned in English?

I would guess that you learned “good morning,” “my name is…” or “how are you?” first.

Another one of your very first English words was probably “thanks.”

Thanking people for their …