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How to Turn WhatsApp into Your #1 English-learning Tool

learn-english-whatsapp (2)

Let me show you a little secret.

If you have a smartphone, you can access a fun, easy English learning tool.

You might already have it on your phone. You might even use it every day.

It is not …

Learn English with Audio: Treat Your Ears to the Web’s Best Listening Practice Audio Tools

learn english audio

Want to learn English with Benedict Cumberbatch?

Or how about an incredible book that English speakers love?

All you need are your ears.

Audio programs, audiobooks and English audio courses are just some of the incredible resources you can use

Learn English with Subtitles Starting Now! Just Use These Video Sites with English Subtitles

learn english subtitles

You can learn English with subtitles right now.

You do not need any fancy equipment.

You do not need to wait in line.

You just need our list of the best websites to find English videos, shows and movies with

30 Common English Words That Are Difficult to Spell for Everyone


Have you ever encountered a word in English that you could not spell right, no matter how hard you tried?

Have you made a mistake trying to spell “acquaintance,” “colonel” or “rhythm”?

You are not alone!

There are so many …

3 Popular Social Media Sites and 11 Ways to Improve Your English with Them


No matter where you are on the journey of learning English, your English skills can always become better.

Progress is very important for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners alike.

You can always improve. To improve, you will need to practice …

English Conversation for Beginners: 45+ Phrases for the English Speaking Adventure of a Lifetime


Did you know that English conversation can take you on a fun adventure?

Conversing (talking) with others in English opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Thanks to English, you will be able to talk with people who don’t …

Learn English with the News: 4 Quality Types of News Resources You’ve Got to Use


When was the last time you watched or listened to the news?

It was probably very recently.

There is so much happening in the world every day, and there are so many ways to learn about what is happening.

You …