Bazinga! The One-stop Guide to Learn English with “The Big Bang Theory”


Love TV comedies?

Interested in characters who are unlike the rest?

Want to learn English?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then this post is for you!

I’ll show you exactly how to learn English by watching

Host a Pronunciation Party! 13 Android English Pronunciation Apps to Invite to Your Device


English pronunciation is like a dance.

You need to follow a rhythm.

You need to feel the flow of the language.

You need to coordinate different parts of your mouth to make the right sounds.

Just like learning to …

English for Daily Life: Tons of Free Resources for the 5 Most Common Situations


Sometimes, basic English conversations are the most complicated ones.

In daily life, English speakers talk quickly. They use lots of slang. They make jokes and cultural references that you might not understand.

Suddenly, your English classroom seems like a comfortable, …

How Good Is Your English? 9 Online English Level Tests to Find Out Now!

english level test

Here’s a test you’ll actually want to take.

I know, I know—it’s hard to believe.

Pretty much everyone hates taking tests.

But English level tests aren’t like the scary exams you took in school.

You can take them online, …

Need an English Dictionary for Android? 8 That Go Way Beyond Simple Definitions


Do you carry a dictionary in your pocket?

Probably not.

You would need pretty big pockets.

…Or would you?

Instead of carrying a huge paper dictionary, you can keep thousands of words in your pocket with an English dictionary app

Spread Good Cheer with These Sparkling English Christmas Greetings


We all love to party.

There’s nothing better than familiar faces, fun music and good food.

In the English-speaking world, one of our favorite reasons to celebrate is Christmas.

Towards the end of the year, Christmas music plays …

IELTS Preparation Just Got Way Easier: The Best Study Tools + Mistakes to Avoid

ielts preparation

Just saying “I can speak English” is not enough.

If you want to live or work in an English-speaking region, you need to be able to prove it.

That is exactly what the popular IELTS (International English Language Testing …