English for Advanced Learners: A Guide for Your Journey to Fluency

english for advanced learners

Learning English is a process.

More than a process, it’s a journey. Learning English is a voyage into another culture and another world.

Those who’ve taken the journey know that it’s not an easy one.

And like all of life’s …

English Grammar Exercises: The All-Encompassing Guide

english grammar exercises

Have you ever felt frustrated while doing English grammar exercises?

Do you want to go to sleep every time you start practicing English grammar?

Are you maybe “allergic” to grammar?

If you have answered Yes to at least one of …

English Participles: How to Be Interesting While Being Interested

english participles

Have a look at this sentence:

This movie is very boring.

Now have a look at this one:

This book is boring me.

What do you think boring and boring have in common?

You probably recognize boring in the …

The Ultimate Guide to English Classes: Top Tips from an ESL Teacher

english classes

Taking an English class opens many new opportunities for English learners.

An English class is a way to meet new friends. It’s a place to communicate with other learners.

And of course, an English class is also an incredible way

English Reading: How to Read Your Way to Fluency, One Page at a Time

english reading

English reading can be a challenge.

Word order can be odd.

Spelling is strange.

And there are idioms (figures of speech) that seem to make no sense!

Still, reading can help you to speak, understand and even write English better.

What Are the English Pronouns? The Ultimate Guide to Master Them All

what are the english pronouns

Pronouns are my favorite class of word.

He can be my dad, your neighbor or Michael Jackson.

This can be a pen, Mary, your cousin and even a school.

Which can be my dog or a Tyrannosaurus Rex (or

Mastering Millions and Billions: Reading Large Numbers in English

reading numbers in english

They’re all around you.

You see them every day.

On the news. On the streets. On your phone. In your wallet.

They’re everywhere.

What are they?

They’re numbers. 

But there are so many of them. And some of them are …