7 Foreign Language Vocabulary Games to Banish Boredom from Your Classes

foreign language vocabulary games

Do you know what games and ninjas have in common?

They both sneak up on you, then pack a mean punch.

That’s right. Vocabulary games sneak right up on language students. At first, they just think that the games are …

35 Authentic Language Teaching Materials That’ll Bring the World to Your Class

authentic materials in language teaching

Sick of the same old, same old?

Looking to jazz up your language classes?

Why not consider throwing some authentic materials into the mix?

Authentic materials can be extremely useful when teaching a foreign language class. While it’s of course …

11 Elementary Language Teaching Apps You’ve Gotta Keep Handy in the Classroom

11 elementary language teaching apps

Teaching language is a lot of work.

You’ve got lessons to plan, lectures to give, homework to grade and activities to organize.

Well, if you’ve got a computer, tablet or smartphone, you have the power to totally streamline your

5 Terrific Technology-based Tools for the Foreign Language Classroom

5 powerful teaching tools foreign language classroom

Don’t let your classroom end up behind the times.

Modern blogs for ancient Greek? Why not!

We all know technology can be a powerful teaching tool.

I mean, we pretty much use it in every facet of our lives these …