How to Get Started Using FluentU with Foreign Language Classes

informational FluentU how-to post for educators

You’re ready for language learning like you’ve never seen before.

You know FluentU’s authentic, entertaining video content will completely captivate your students.

Plus, its unique “learn mode” will greatly advance their language abilities.

You’re anxious to introduce it to your …

6 Favorite Grammar Games for the Foreign Language Classroom

grammar games for the classroom

Do you remember playing games as a child? Of course you do!

Did you realize that you were actively learning while you were playing?

You were learning to count, to reason, to develop strategies, to negotiate, to debate and argue, …

TPRS: How to Deliver Unforgettable Language Lessons with Story Time


Want your classroom experience to be the stuff of school legends?

Long to be the teacher that all the students love to hang around and chat with? You know, the one that students fondly remember after years have gone by.…

How to Assign and Evaluate Homework with FluentU (New Feature!)

FluentU Assignments

Creating and evaluating homework assignments can be a real chore.

Plus, you have to work extra hard if you want students to actually enjoy doing their homework.

Well, FluentU has a new feature that makes students drop their lame excuses …

The FluentU iPad App Is Here


We have a back-to-school gift for you!

After months of development, we’ve just released our iPad app.

It brings the best of FluentU—learning languages with real-world videos like music videos, movie trailers, news and more—to the iPad.

Just think …

How to Motivate Students and Track Their Progress at the Same Time with FluentU (New Feature!)


When you’re teaching a group class, there are a ton of challenges.

How do you keep all of your students engaged?

And how do you keep track of what they’re working on, and how they’re doing?

Well, FluentU makes it …

7 Foreign Language Vocabulary Games to Banish Boredom from Your Classes

foreign language vocabulary games

Do you know what games and ninjas have in common?

They both sneak up on you, then pack a mean punch.

That’s right. Vocabulary games sneak right up on language students. At first, they just think that the games are …