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Rewire Your Classroom with These 7 Digital Language Lab Software Solutions


Who would have thought that what used to be frowned upon, even banned, in classrooms can make this kind of a comeback?

Computers, tablets and smartphones—once the bane of language teachers the world over, are now in full collaboration …

Using TPRS Books to Create Awesome Lessons


Let’s take a moment to imagine a world without language.

At first, it sounds nice, even peaceful.

But then you realize that without it, your favorite TV show would not be nearly as funny. Your favorite books would be nothing …

8 Ridiculously Awesome Teacher Apps for Android


Are you looking for the next big thing you can use to revamp your teaching style?

What if I told you that it’s right inside your pocket?

And no, I’m not talking about your USB drive filled with PowerPoint presentations—that’s …

Chirp Your Way to Success Using Teacher Twitter


It’s everywhere you go.

You can try to hide in the teachers’ lounge or even under your desk. You can go to a nearby café and hide behind your sunglasses, trying to go incognito, but it will follow you.

You …

7 Essential Online Teaching Tools Every Language Teacher Should Have


Having a hard time keeping up with the latest tools for online teachers?

Chances are, you’re probably feeling excited, and maybe a little overwhelmed.

The days of simple PDF files and email correspondence ended with the ’00s. These days, online …

7 TPRS Books for Implementing the Story-driven Method in Your Language Class


Do you want your students hanging on to your every word?

Tell great stories!

Tell exciting adventures!

How? By implementing TPRS, a language teaching approach that revolves around stories.

In this post, we dive into some TPRS books …

Using Technology in Your Foreign Language Classroom: A Guide


Does the phrase “technology in the language classroom” make you feel insecure?

Threatened, even?

Are you already quaking with fear at the idea of an AI takeover of your job?

Are you imagining the robots in “I, Robot” crashing through …