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Inspirational Purposes of Language Teaching: 7 Pick-me-ups for Paramount Performance

purpose of language teaching

“This homework was so hard. It took forever to finish!”

“Why can’t this language have an alphabet? I just don’t get these characters at all!”

“Dude! Not the subjunctive again!

Do you ever hear your students say things like …

The Key Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies and How to Choose the Best for You

foreign language teaching methodology

Why do you teach?

How do you teach?

Why do you teach the way you teach?

The last question is probably the hardest to explain, maybe even to yourself.

Is it because that’s how you were taught? Is …

7 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Teaching Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom

teaching culture in the foreign language classroom

Language and culture are flip sides of the same coin.

When you have one, you necessarily have the other.

As a language educator, you’re already fully aware of this.

After all, language is a verbal expression of culture. It conveys …

TPRS: How to Deliver Unforgettable Language Lessons with Story Time


Want your classroom experience to be the stuff of school legends?

Long to be the teacher that all the students love to hang around and chat with? You know, the one that students fondly remember after years have gone by.…