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What Is Computer Assisted Learning and How Does It Work?


In today’s classroom setting, it seems like we’re constantly battling with technology.

On one hand, technology has revolutionized the way teachers teach and students learn.

On the other, it can become a distraction that takes away from the learning process.…

Everything You Need to Know About Using the Suggestopedia Method of Teaching


Welcome to another day at the Language Teaching Method Buffet!

We sure hope you’re hungry, because there’s a lot to choose from.

Maybe you want a little grammar-translation.

Or perhaps your appetite craves some total physical response, with …

How to Maximize 5 Assessment Methods in Language Teaching


You walk into your classroom and announce a pop quiz on last night’s homework.

Your students jump up from their desks and cheer.

Yeah, that’s never happened to me either.

When most students—and most teachers—think of assessment, …

The Silent Way: An Unconventional Language Teaching Method


Throughout history, many trends in the world of language teaching have come and gone.

Some have graced us with just a brief visit.

Others have stood the test of time and become part of the training of language teachers the …

Too Much of a Good Thing: How to Max Out on TPRS Success


Too much of a good thing is a good thing.

At least according to country music star Alan Jackson.

And my guess is that language teachers who have used TPRS in their classrooms to bring learning to life through …

How to Cherry Pick the Best from 8 Foreign Language Teaching Methods


“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

This timeless line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” can apply to so many moments in a language teacher’s life.

Even in our teaching methods, there’s always a little madness.

From the “direct approach”

Need Immersion Teaching Strategies, and Stat? Here Are 10 to Shock Your Lessons Back to Life


Ever wondered what they mean when they say, “Make the language come alive for your students?”

One of the best ways to do exactly that is to present the language in authentic, meaningful ways, thereby immersing your students in the