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How to Provide Positive, Meaningful Feedback to Your Foreign Language Students


To correct or not to correct? That is the question…

Whether ‘tis better to provide the correct answer,

Or to give enough information so that students have the tools

To correct their own mistakes themselves, and therein–we hope–to end them.

7 Questions to Consider Before Constructing a CLIL Classroom

clil classroom

Are you looking for a new way to teach?

Something that’s exciting for both you and your students?

And which produces impressive results when it comes to language learning?

Transform your traditional language classroom into a CLIL classroom!…

The Real World: Classroom Edition! 5 Task-based Language Teaching Activities to Simulate Key Situations

task based language teaching activities

Do you like to solve problems? Complete a puzzle?

Miss the days when you’d dump a big pile of Legos on the floor, figure out which pieces go with which and put them all together?

Do you see language

10 Questions Everyone Has About Becoming a Great Language Teacher

how to become a language teacher

So, you want to become a language teacher.

Or maybe you’re already a language teacher, but you’ve only just stepped on the path to greatness.

Do you know what the job entails?

The job of a language teacher

Inspirational Purposes of Language Teaching: 7 Pick-me-ups for Paramount Performance

purpose of language teaching

“This homework was so hard. It took forever to finish!”

“Why can’t this language have an alphabet? I just don’t get these characters at all!”

“Dude! Not the subjunctive again!

Do you ever hear your students say things like …

The Key Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies and How to Choose the Best for You

foreign language teaching methodology

Why do you teach?

How do you teach?

Why do you teach the way you teach?

The last question is probably the hardest to explain, maybe even to yourself.

Is it because that’s how you were taught? Is …

Your Recipe to Using Authentic Materials for Reading Effectively in the Language Classroom

authentic materials for reading

A delicious meal or a foreign book.

Which of those two would your language students choose?

Reading in a foreign language isn’t easy for students, and it’s usually not something they’ll do in their free time.

And yeah, we know …