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Get ’em Talking: Communicative Language Teaching Lesson Plan Ideas for Any Classroom


Have you ever heard of a language class mutiny?

Well, it almost happened in one particular class.

Let me tell you a tale of two teachers.

The reason for the near-uprising had nothing to do with the teacher’s qualifications or …

How MFL Teachers Can Practice Differentiation in Their Classrooms


Any angler worth their salt knows that different types of fish go for different types of bait.

Likewise, as a teacher, you need to make sure you’re using different types of bait for your MFL students.

After all, each …

Authentic Materials in Language Teaching? Say No More!

authentic materials in language teaching

Imagine flying your Japanese class to Tokyo for a book reading.

Or dropping your Spanish class into the audience at a theater in Mexico City.

In an ideal world, we could immerse our foreign language students among native speakers whenever …

5 Genius CLIL Games to Make Your Students Feel Smart and Accomplished


Can math help your students learn French?

Can a history lesson teach Japanese grammar?

Can you harness the power of art to tackle Chinese in the classroom?

If you’re familiar with Content and Language Integrated Learning, you know that it’s

5 Basics You Need to Achieve a Flipped Language Classroom


It’s time to flip the script on language education.

And it starts with “flipping” your own class.

What does that mean, exactly? Will you switch places with your students? Hand out worksheets upside down?

Don’t worry—it’s more straightforward than …

5 Smart Tips for Creating Powerful Foreign Language Worksheets (Plus Templates and Resources)


Looking for a secret weapon for your classroom?

How about a tool that can promote lesson retention, encourage target language reading and support classroom differentiation, all at once?

Sound like magic?

It’s not. You’ve probably already encountered this tool …

4 CLIL Art Activities for Any Foreign Language Classroom


It’s time to put down your textbook and pick up an easel.

Take off your language teacher hat and step into an art teacher’s shoes.

With a methodology called Content and Language Integrated Learning, you can branch out from …