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The Perfect Immersion Classroom: How to Overcome the “Mountain of Struggles”


Immersion. We all want it.

It’s the pinnacle of language learning.

We teachers would all love to give our students that authentic language experience.

We’d take our class to London, Paris, Madrid or Beijing today if we possibly could, surrounding …

Master the Fine Art of Storytelling: 3 TPR Storytelling Examples


You yell at the screen, “Don’t go down to that basement, dummy!”

Well, that person doesn’t hear you and they go down to the basement.


In this case, you have no say in the story line and your favorite …

8 Engaging CLIL Projects That Help Make Learning Fun


CLIL just clicks.

With what we know about the importance of making connections in student learning, this methodology just seems to make sense.

By now, most of us are familiar with the benefits of CLIL (Content and Language …

20+ Essential Resources for Language Teachers in the Know


Most days, you love being a language teacher.

But to be honest, the life of a language teacher is hard.

Really, really hard.

You have to come up with a full day’s worth of engaging lesson plans, seemingly out …

10 Books That Will Invigorate Your Language Teaching


Don’t you love the feeling of getting lost in a book?

It’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon, a lazy Sunday… or many enlightening hours of professional development.

Yep! The right language teaching books are your ticket to …

Press Play! How to Teach Foreign Languages with Videos


Do you remember being a student, walking into your classroom and seeing the VCR or DVD player at the front of the room?

You felt so excited and happy. Movie day!

Today, the technology has changed but the excitement …

Immersion Bilingual Education for Your Students and School: How to Get Started


In a way, immersion bilingual education should be the goal of every language teacher.

After all, immersion most closely mimics the way we learn our first language.

And in teaching students a second language, we are already creating a bilingual