Win at Life: 5 Fun Spanish Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

win at life 5 fun spanish vocabulary games for the classroom

Did anyone ever tell you that learning a new language is like winning at life?

I kid you not! Guess what the following four activities have in common:

  • Eating chocolate
  • Risking it all on a high-stakes poker game
  • Spending an

7 Spanish Christmas Songs to Spread Holiday Cheer in Your Classroom

7 spanish christmas songs

Whether it’s because they give us a day off from work or school, because we love to decorate or because we love to spend time with family and friends, one thing is for sure: we all love holidays for some …

5 Terrific Songs for Teaching Varieties of Spanish Through Music

5 worthy songs for teaching varieties of spanish through music

Juanes. Alejandro Sanz. Enrique Iglesias. Ricky Martin. Hector Lavoe. Shakira.

Do you recognize these names?

Unless you’ve been living a sheltered life under a rock, you probably know at least one of the aforementioned Spanish-speaking pop artists.

And, most likely, …