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6 Spanish Tutoring Ideas That’ll Take Your Lessons to the Next Level


Wouldn’t it be great if all students were “cookie-cutter”?

You could plan one set of lessons and activities, and use it over and over with each student.

Don’t shake your head at me.

If you’re in education, you know you’ve …

5 Spanish Reading Comprehension Activities to Get Your Students Hooked on Books


Before getting my certification to teach Spanish as a foreign language, I taught the little ones.

You know, the ones who didn’t know the difference between an A or a B. The ones who were starting their reading …

How to Revamp 5 Traditional Spanish Teaching Materials for Your Classroom


Get out your Walkman and lace up your Chuck Taylors.

It’s time to get old school.

In this post, we’re going to dive into some classic Spanish teaching materials.

Those retro resources that have been making teachers’ lives easier for …

The Most Emphatic Spanish Alphabet Songs for Classroom Singalongs

spanish-alphabet songs

There’s one episode of “Friends” that always has language teachers simultaneously laughing and shaking their heads… because they know.

They’ve seen it. Over and over again.

In this particular episode, Joey needs to learn French for an audition …

Don’t Work Harder, Work Better! 12 Apps for Spanish Teachers


A principal once gave me brutal but eye-opening feedback that I’ll never forget.

You see, I started teaching when I was young.

As a twenty-something, I always sought to integrate technology as much as possible.

But I got overwhelmed with …

How to Pass the Spanish Certification Test and Become a Spanish Teacher


You’re the type of person that corrects your friends’ pronunciation at Mexican restaurants.

The gifts you give your in-laws include “Spanish for Dummies” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Cien años de soledad.”

The desire to teach is so strong, you …