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A Splash of Color, Culture and Language: 4 Mexican Culture Project Ideas for the Classroom


If you have ever been to Mexico or to an exhibition of Mexican art at a museum or gallery, the colorful nature of the folk art and handicrafts undoubtedly left a lasting impression on you.

The colors, the detail, the

Visas, Apps and Taxes, Ahh! The Panic-free Guide to Finding Your Dream Spanish Teaching Job Abroad


It must have been those tapas.

When I arrived home from my spring semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, my parents thought I had gotten it out of my system.

After all, I had spent nearly six months in Spain, practicing

Attack the Curriculum: The 4 Best Ways to Teach Spanish


Have you ever noticed that your teaching style changes from year to year?

Or that your preference for certain types of teaching materials has become more marked?

Or that you’re teaching difficult concepts faster and more effectively?

If you answered …

Spanish Practice Your Students Can’t Resist: 5 Fabulous Classroom Games


Practice makes perfect, the old saying goes.

But practicing Spanish isn’t always as easy as this simple statement suggests.

Not every student responds to practice worksheets. Some students shudder at the idea of practice drills in front of the class.…

5 Spanish Calendar Activities That Teach Students About Geography, Food, Holidays and More

four season miniature globe

Do you ever find it difficult to get students excited about the fundamentals of Spanish?

I know I do.

Some days, teaching Spanish can sometimes feel like I’m giving students a lot of boring instructions.

And those instructions mainly involve …

11 Traditional Spanish Games with Language Lessons Hidden Inside


You know what they say about “all work and no play.”

It makes the Spanish classroom a dull place to be.

Okay, maybe that’s not as snappy as the real expression, but you get my point.

Teaching Spanish effectively does …

How to Be a Good Spanish Teacher: 13 Rules to Live By


We Spanish teachers know that enthusiasm for our work is important.

But is it enough?

Not even close.

Teaching Spanish is much more than just a job. Whether you call it a vocation, a calling or a passion, teaching Spanish …