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Unlock Your Skills with These 5 Spanish Teacher Training Courses


Remember the old days before classroom technology was a thing?

When I first started teaching Spanish, all I had was a textbook, a handful of transparencies and a few raggedy Spanish-English dictionaries.

Thankfully, the professional development I had at this …

All the Essential, Must-cover Spanish Words for Kids


First words are pretty important. Just ask babies.

Words like “mama” and “dada,” (or, as in the case of my own child, “dog,”) all convey a powerful feeling. Food, fun, affection—the power of such human experiences can last a lifetime.…

Get Crafty: Teaching with Spanish Classroom Decorations


One year, I taught in a classroom the student body liked to call “the dungeon.”

I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but the fact is, we all suffered for it.

The students most of all.

I’ve heard the ideal

5 Websites for Superb Spanish Handouts


Handouts hold a certain nostalgic appeal for me.

They remind me of my earliest days as a student, when I first delighted in writing legibly and storing papers in a sturdy folder, just like a grown-up would.

Growing up, we …

7 Spanish Books for Kids That Will Help Your Students Appreciate the Language and the Culture


You know what’s amazing about teaching a foreign language to children?

It’s not the flexible hours and the ability to work internationally—although those things are pretty awesome too.

It’s the ability to turn anything into a lesson.

One day you’re …

5 Steps to Using Spanish Interactive Notebooks with Your Students

  1. Do you ever find that technology is not all it is cracked up to be?

Do your students often forget their devices and chargers?

Or are you a lover of tech in the classroom but are looking to give your …

Culture in the Classroom: 5 Online Resources for Spanish Culture Videos


When I was in high school, Spanish was really the only foreign language option for me.

I had maps of Spain and Cuba and all the countries of South America.

I was excited to go abroad and experience a world …