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How to Teach the Spanish Alphabet: 3 Easy Lessons and 3 Fun Follow-up Activities


If you know how to teach the Spanish alphabet the right way, your students will remember the whole darn thing 30 years from now.

The alphabet is one of the fundamental building blocks of any language, and teaching it …

6 Top Tips for Thriving as an Elementary School Spanish Teacher


If you’ve always dreamed of teaching young children to speak Spanish, good news!

More and more schools are beginning world language programs in the elementary school years instead of waiting for middle and high school.

Teaching little kids …

5 Enchanting Spanish Songs for Preschoolers About Days, Colors, Animals and Seasons


We all know how much the little ones enjoy a rousing sing-along.

Music is one of the best ways to teach Spanish to your youngest students.

Whether you’re teaching your own child or an entire classroom, singing is seriously …

Get Moving! 4 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Incorporate TPR into Your Spanish Lessons


Need a way to get your students out of their seats?

Want to help them prove that they understand every word you’re saying to them in Spanish?

(Okay, maybe not every word—at least not yet. Just the important …

Surprise Supplies: 10 Accessible, Affordable Spanish Teaching Materials for All Ages

spanish teaching materials

Looking for some great tools and toys that students of all ages can get behind?

What great Spanish teacher isn’t?

Try these Spanish teaching materials to give your students some hands-on fun while learning the language.


What to

5 Low-prep Spanish Games for Students Who Need Authentic Speaking Practice

spanish games for students

Are you tired of vocabulary Bingo as your go-to game in Spanish class?

Want to get your students out of their seats to have a fun time talking with each other in Spanish?

Introduce communicative games into your …

3 Spanish Class Easter Activities to Power Through Spring Fever

spanish easter activities

Easter is coming.

Which means spring is just around the corner.

Which means your Spanish students are about to get a little more antsy.

Which means it’s going to get a lot harder to keep their attention focused on español