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Need Spanish Songs for Teaching? Here Are 9 Hits, Complete with Unique Lesson Ideas!

spanish songs for teaching

“Do you listen to music in English or Spanish?”

This was the question that arose again and again during my first few weeks teaching my native language—Spanish—in an English-speaking country some years ago.

I felt like a bit of …

21st Century Spanish: Hook Your Students with These 10 Brilliant Ideas for Multimedia Lessons


Often teaching can feel like a game of chance.

When walking into my next lesson, I never know what I’m going to find.

If I’m very lucky, maybe a nice and calm group of thirty polite students who are …

7 Fun Practice Ideas That’ll Get Your Students Completely Soaked in Spanish Grammar

spanish grammar practice

True story: I took my students to Spain this past summer.

The weather there is just amazing, so it was a great opportunity to make them fall in love with the Spanish way of life, the relaxed atmosphere, the …

8 Flavorful Spanish Learning Activities That’ll Spice Up Your Lessons

spanish learning activities

Are you done with the same old teaching and grading?

Want to kick it up a notch?

Wish you had new techniques and activities that would keep your students excited all year round?

Adding varied and appealing Spanish learning activities

3 Winning Art Projects You’ve Gotta Make in Your Spanish Class

spanish art projects

The feel of sculpting clay between the fingers.

Pushing hard on Cray-pas to make thick, colorful lines.

Feeling calm while painting with watercolors.

Art is associated with positive, creative feelings.

I mean, have you ever met someone who didn’t like …

How to Guide Your Students to Awesome Spanish GCSE Scores

spanish GCSE

“That was so hard!”

The reading was impossible!”

“Did anyone get the answer to the last question on the listening paper?”

Does this sound familiar? With Year 11 students just about to sit for their GCSE exams now, …

10 Flexible Resources for Teaching Spanish Vocabulary in Class and at Home

teaching spanish vocabulary

Once upon a time there was a prince who could only speak a few words.

He could think them but was cursed with the inability to say them.

One day, he met a princess and instantly fell in love. “…