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8 Exemplary German Worksheets to Use as Teaching Materials


It’s 2019, and you are teaching German. What could be easier than making your own worksheet at home?

Start up the laptop, spend an hour with Word, and print the result—voilà. Or you even use a program or …

How to Find Authentic German Resources for Your Next Lesson


Germans love their potatoes.

They have them cooked or roasted, sautéed or fried, mashed or grated, with skin or without.

Indeed, potatoes are great. But do you want to eat them every single day?

Do you know what Germans like …

The Incredible Benefits of Technology in the German Classroom

technology in the german classroom

Ever had to teach a lesson using nothing but a textbook and a whiteboard?

It feels like taking a trip back in time to the days of horse-drawn carriages and oil lamps.

What’s more, it’s hard to really connect and …

How to Transform 5 Basic Online Resources into Top-notch German Teaching Tools

german teaching resources

Don’t you just hate all those online German teaching resources?

It’s kind of like how you get stuck in a Netflix void, just browsing and never watching—there’s so much German teaching content to choose from that you spend more time …

7 Highly Successful German Teaching Strategies Employed by the Best Immersion Programs

german teaching strategies

Spit the following German words out as a rap, and your students will remember them forever!

L wie Lampe, M wie Maus, H wie Hose—komm in unser Haus.

L is for lamp, M is for mouse, T is for …

5 Simple German Songs That Your Students Will Love

you can't go wrong with these 5 simple german songs

We’ve written a lot about using music to learn German.

But what about introducing songs to beginners?

What if a song like Alles Neu or one of our recommended hip-hop songs is too fast or too complicated?…

The Essential Guide to German Grammar Games


German is notorious for its complex grammar, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a drag!

So take a step away from the textbook, and let’s explore some ways to liven up your classroom.

With just a pinch …