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How to Transform 5 Basic Online Resources into Top-notch German Teaching Tools

german teaching resources

Don’t you just hate all those online German teaching resources?

It’s kind of like how you get stuck in a Netflix void, just browsing and never watching—there’s so much German teaching content to choose from that you spend more time …

7 Highly Successful German Teaching Strategies Employed by the Best Immersion Programs

german teaching strategies

Spit the following German words out as a rap, and your students will remember them forever!

L wie Lampe, M wie Maus, H wie Hose—komm in unser Haus.

L is for lamp, M is for mouse, T is for …

Whose “Nein” Is It Anyway? 5 Hilarious Ideas for Teaching German Vocabulary

german vocabulary games

What’s the thinnest book in the world?

Ah, please don’t say “A Millennium of German Humor”!

As a German language teacher, you’re surely familiar with the comedy, jokes and sense of humor in German-speaking countries. But have you ever …