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Excite Your Students with Fresh, New French Resources for the Classroom

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Just then, it clicked.

The light went on.

You saw it in the student who had spent most of the period slouched in his desk, arms crossed, until he suddenly leaned forward, eyes fixed on you.

It was the pupil …

Laughter is the Best Teaching Assistant: 10 Funny French Commercials for the Classroom


Humor can be hard to teach.

What one culture finds hilarious might seem totally baffling to foreigners.

French humor is certainly no exception. It can be quite sarcastic, broad and of course draws on cultural references that non-native speakers might …

No Time? Use These 3 French Lesson Plans for Kids Today!


No kidding: Kids are often the toughest students to teach.

You probably have noticed this if you’ve taught French to kids, especially little ones. They’re wiggly, they’re easily distracted and they do whatever they want.

It’s easy to …

4 French Dialogues for Students That Go Way Beyond Vocab


Ready to move past “​Ça va ?​” “​Ça va !​” (How are you? Fine!) with your French students?

You’re in the right place.

Simple dialogues are a fantastic way to get students interested and involved in speaking French, but …

Plan Your Next French Lesson with These 7 Excellent Resources


Is your French classroom feeling a little monotonous?

Or maybe you’re having great results, but the excitement just isn’t there anymore?

Have you been struggling to find inspiration and come up with the perfect lesson plans for your French learners?…

Need High-quality Resources for Teaching Primary French? Don’t Miss These 6 Sites!


Are you looking for tip-top French resources to inspire your primary school students?

You’ve come to the right place!

Younger learners are at an incredible advantage in some ways compared to older French learners.

They can absorb knowledge …

How to Create Fantastic French Lesson Plans for Beginners of Absolutely Any Age Group


Teaching beginners is always exciting.

You’re the first person who can really shape their relationship with French. As such, your lessons will make a deciding impact on the rest of their language learning journey.

And with great powers come great