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3 Pieces of Advice for Teaching French to Elementary Students


Struggling to keep your elementary school students interested in French?

Teaching French to children is no easy feat.

They’re often sitting in French class not by choice, but because their parents understand it’s a wise endeavor that will benefit the …

5 Significant Steps to Bring the Flipped Classroom to Your French Classes Today


Are you looking to bring your French classroom to the 21st century?

A revolutionary teaching method is turning the traditional classroom upside down.

You’ve probably heard about it, but perhaps without knowing what it’s really all about.

It’s called

How to Colorfully Teach French Adjectives with 4 Sharp Strategies and 8 Activities


Ah! Les adjectifs !

They enrich our language with vivid details and subtle nuances that make communication more precise and effective.

They also add some poetry to the French language by bringing finesse and elegance to our thoughts.

What they …

6 Decisive Areas to Focus On to Teach French More Efficiently to English Speakers


As a French teacher, you want to share your knowledge and passion for the French language to your English-speaking students.

And you are in luck: anglophones are at a great advantage when it comes to learning French.

Trouble is, they

Mix and Match: 4 Fun Teaching Methods to Motivate Your French Students

french teaching methods

Could you drink the exact same juice day after day?

Chances are, you prefer variety!

And so do your students.

So if you’re looking for fun, new ways to teach French, look no further.

Here are four bright …

Become an Expert at Teaching Kids French! 4 Smart Strategies for Success

teaching kids french

Teaching French to kids can be a real challenge.

They’re not your most focused learners, to say the least!

However, kids can also become your most successful students.

They’re natural language acquirers who can easily pick up a language without …

Equipping Your Students to Ace the AP French Exam: 4 Helpful Teaching Methods

ap french exam

The AP French Exam awaits.

Time to prepare your students and make sure they all get a 4 or 5!

The AP French Exam is a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge of the language to college …