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3 Fabulous French Project Ideas Involving Fun, Food and Family

french project ideas

You’re an enthusiastic French teacher in a classroom full of beginners.

After you exchange the niceties requisite of a limited vocabulary—you know, Ça va? Oui, ça va! Et toi, ça va? Ça va, merci, et toi? Comme ci comme ça,

5 Mind-blowing French Vocabulary Games That Students Love to Play

french vocabulary games

Sometimes, there’s no shortcut for teaching your students French words.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta break out that dreaded vocab list.

Sure, they can increase their vocabulary as a by-product of watching television and videos, listening to music and reading books.…

5 Useful Classroom Activities for Learning French Through Missing Information

french learning activities

Old-style teaching falling flat in your French class?

Mindlessly copying vocab or listening to you drone on for half an hour about the glories of the subjunctive will not engage your French students’ attention.

These ways of teaching just don’t …

French + Math = 5 Ridiculously Fun Number Games

french number games

It’s time to mix and mingle.

We’re letting French out on the loose to connect with other subjects.

How will these connections benefit your students?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

To make French more relevant to your students, all …

5 French Listening Activities to Perk Up Your Students’ Ears

french listening activities

Two students sit side by side as you teach.

You’re thrilled to be introducing a fun new game.

They both have their eyes on you, and similar expressions on their face.

On the surface, all is well.

But underneath, …

7 Best Tongue Twisters to Greatly Improve French Pronunciation

improve french pronunciation

Do your students really want to be understood when they speak in French?

Are your students tired of those little phrase books for tourists that don’t really teach them how to speak like a native?

Do you wish there …

4 Fun Classroom Games Guaranteed to Get Your French Students Talking

french classroom games

“I’m bored, can’t we play a game?”

How many times do you hear this phrase a week?

Want to make it disappear from your students’ mouths and have some serious fun?

Then you’ve gotta play games in your French class.