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5 Charming Fairy Tales That Improve French Reading Comprehension


Think your students would fancy being a princess, a witch or a fairy?

It is no big secret that storytelling is a fantastic language teaching tool—but you may not realize that fairy tales are great for all ages and …

Bright Ideas: 3 Activities to Spark Teaching French Colors


Ah, colors.

They’re everywhere.

They paint our wardrobes, food, dreams and, of course, art.

Colors play such an integral role in every aspect of life—it’s hard to note an instance where they don’t appear.

As a result, if you’re teaching

How to Teach the 6 Tantalizing Themes of AP French Creatively and Effectively


As an AP French teacher, you’re always working against the clock.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity for efficiency.

In fact, the designated course themes lend themselves very well to creative and efficient French teaching.

New …

Dressing Up French Grammar: 12 Sleek Games Your Students Will Love

french grammar games

Sometimes there’s no harm in sugar-coating.

Like, for instance, when you dress up French grammar to make practicing more fun.

When your students interact with grammar in engaging games, that practice might just become your students’ favorite part of …

Memorization Nation: 8 Ways of Effectively Teaching French Vocabulary to Your Whole Class

teaching french vocabulary

Sometimes, it seems like it would take a whole village to fill the spaces in your students’ French vocabulary.

Forget the numerous false cognates, complex pronunciations and spelling rules.

Just making sure they memorize a noun’s gender and plural …

5 Groovy Activities to Jive Up Your High School French Class

french activities for high school

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

No, we’re not back in the French Revolution.

I’m talking about high school.

With high schoolers, moods can change in an instant, so sometimes as French teachers it …

6 Eggtastic Easter Activities to Bring France’s Traditions to Your Class

easter activities for french class

A great opportunity for fun French lessons is hoppity-hopping your way.

Christmas has gone by in a flurry of “ho ho hos” and the New Year is in full swing.

Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day are but memories.

But guess …