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8 French Movies to Introduce Middle School Students to the 7th Art


“A movie? Thanks, madame!”

There’s no better way to please your French students than to let them know today’s French movie day—but choosing a movie is another matter entirely!

Picking a film that’ll please a gaggle of middle school students …

5 Ways to Explore French Culture in Your Language Lessons


How many French clichés can you name in a minute?

Baguettes, berets, red wine, mimes, stinky cheese, stinky armpits… and that’s just off the top of my head.

Wouldn’t you love your French language students to have a broader, more …

Say Goodbye to Boring and Hello to These Lively French Pronunciation Activities


Do your French learners need a little help to improve their French pronunciation?

Maybe they’re on the right track, but you’re looking for unique activities because your students are getting tired of repetitive, old school speaking drills.

Perhaps you really …

4 Rockstar French Tutoring Ideas to Help Your Students Learn Every Facet of the Language


After vocabulary drills, how about cooking a quiche?

Instead of tearing through the classics, how about reading a personalized book list?

Adding variety to your French tutoring lessons is important to instilling key language skills in your students, from reading …

6 Awesome French Games That Capture Even High School Students’ Attention


Are you failing to keep your high school students engaged?

Maybe they’re too distracted by their phones to learn vocabulary.

Maybe they’re not as motivated as you are about conjugation and grammar.

What if there was a fun way to

Spin the Bottle, Conjugation Scramble and More: 6 French Verb Games Your Students Will Love


Carnivals just scream fun, don’t they?

What if they were also the secret to getting your French students comfortable with verbs?

Well, you can bring the carnival spirit to your French classroom with engaging verb games!

Like grammar games

Shake Things Up! 6 Unexpected French Classroom Ideas


Are you short of ideas to brighten your French classroom?

We’re about to help you flip on that brilliant light bulb inside your brain.

See, there’s just one thing you need to know to start moving in the right direction.…