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5 Ways to Explore French Culture in Your Language Lessons


How many French clichés can you name in a minute?

Baguettes, berets, red wine, mimes, stinky cheese, stinky armpits… and that’s just off the top of my head.

Wouldn’t you love your French language students to have a broader, more …

4 Fun French Halloween Activities That Are Scarily Effective


The spooky season is nearly upon us.

Witches, magic potions, goblins and fairies await.

It will soon be l’Halloween !

France as a country has been slow to adopt the holiday, but since the French love costume parties, it’s now …

5 Charming Fairy Tales That Improve French Reading Comprehension


Think your students would fancy being a princess, a witch or a fairy?

It is no big secret that storytelling is a fantastic language teaching tool—but you may not realize that fairy tales are great for all ages and …

How to Teach the 6 Tantalizing Themes of AP French Creatively and Effectively


As an AP French teacher, you’re always working against the clock.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity for efficiency.

In fact, the designated course themes lend themselves very well to creative and efficient French teaching.

New …

Dressing Up French Grammar: 12 Sleek Games Your Students Will Love

french grammar games

Sometimes there’s no harm in sugar-coating.

Like, for instance, when you dress up French grammar to make practicing more fun.

When your students interact with grammar in engaging games, that practice might just become your students’ favorite part of …

Mix and Match: 4 Fun Teaching Methods to Motivate Your French Students

french teaching methods

Could you drink the exact same juice day after day?

Chances are, you prefer variety!

And so do your students.

So if you’re looking for fun, new ways to teach French, look no further.

Here are four bright …

6 Eggtastic Easter Activities to Bring France’s Traditions to Your Class

easter activities for french class

A great opportunity for fun French lessons is hoppity-hopping your way.

Christmas has gone by in a flurry of “ho ho hos” and the New Year is in full swing.

Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day are but memories.

But guess …