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Bright Ideas: 3 Activities to Spark Teaching French Colors


Ah, colors.

They’re everywhere.

They paint our wardrobes, food, dreams and, of course, art.

Colors play such an integral role in every aspect of life—it’s hard to note an instance where they don’t appear.

As a result, if you’re teaching

How to Teach French to Beginners: Getting Your Students Pumped to Learn the Basics

how to teach french to beginners

Want to get your students psyched to learn the basics of French?

Easier said than done, right?

Your beginning French students may feel like first-time skiers having second thoughts.

After all, the language can certainly look intimidating from a distance.…

From King Cakes to Glittered Masks: 5 Engaging Mardi Gras Activities for French Class

mardi gras activities for french class

What do your students know about Mardi Gras?

How many of them just associate it with partying it up in the Big Easy?

And do they know the why behind the purple, green and gold?

It’s time to find out, …

The Global AP Reading List: 7 Diverse Works of French Literature That Go Way Beyond France

ap french literature reading list

When we think of the French language, France and other European countries may come to mind.

But French is actually spoken in over 50 (yep, 50!) countries in the world—nearly 30 of which have designated French as their …