5 Great Podcasts That Can Improve Your ESL Teaching

Every so often, ESL teachers need to roll up their sleeves and do a bit of learning of their own!

And what better way to do that learning than by listening to ESL podcasts just for teachers?

Podcasts are entertaining and timely, and they are a fantastic way to hone your English teaching skills.

From ones that prepare you for conferences to others featuring funny teacher stories, there is certainly a podcast with your name on it. Are you ready to get inspired for your next class?

What Is a Podcast?

Remember when everyone used to huddle around the radio for the latest news or to catch their favorite program? Well, some of you may, but most of you probably do not. Even if you didn’t listen to old-timey radio programs, though, you probably get the idea, and that’s useful because a podcast is essentially the same as those radio programs of yesteryear.

A podcast is a slightly more innovative radio program that is about news, trending topics or some form of informational content. If you have a topic in mind, you can most likely Google it and find a podcast about it.

So what does this have to do with ESL?

Short answer: ESL podcasts for teachers are 100 percent free resources! And teachers love free resources. Podcasts are also a valuable tool for you to keep up on trending teaching topics and new trains of thought within the industry, and they are a fantastic outlet to hone new skills.

Why ESL Podcasts Are Essential for Teachers

After your initial ESL teaching certification, you may have noticed that you were essentially left on your own if you wanted to stay current in your career field. This can certainly be challenging.

Between crafting lesson plans, developing syllabuses, teaching classes, grading homework and trying to fit in some personal time, honing your ESL teacher skills probably has taken a backseat.

Enter ESL podcasts for teachers.

Podcasts can be a nice way to unwind on the sofa after a long day. They are downloadable and you can listen to them at the gym or during your morning commute to the classroom. And since they are online, there are a wide variety available at your fingertips.

Need a new lesson plan idea? Or how about finding new, creative ways to get your students moving in the classroom? The podcasts we will talk about today can help you with both. As a bonus, many are short and concise, with a plethora of teacher-inspired content.

Let’s listen in a little closer and learn about five ESL podcasts that are valuable for any busy teacher.

5 Great Podcasts That Can Improve Your ESL Teaching

1. TEFL Boot Camp


TEFL Boot Camp is an online resource for ESL teachers new and old. They also offer online TEFL certifications for those who want to join the ranks of language teachers around the world.

If you want to brush up on that TEFL certification course, or you are a soon-to-be professional ESL educator, TEFL Boot Camp has some very informative podcasts. They are specifically used to supplement the teacher training material they have on their site. However, many teachers also find them great for brushing up on the basics.

A few of their podcast topics include:

They are also downloadable so you can take them on the go. They even come with an informative guide covering the basic concepts, and often include a supplemental podcast as well.

One of my favorites is “Student Discipline in the EFL Classroom.” What teacher couldn’t use a little brush-up on that subject? This is also good for teacher trainers who want to ensure that future educators are prepared for the classroom.

2. TEFLology


TEFLology podcasts date back to 2014, and they are still going strong. Each episode includes a nice summary of what you can expect, as well as contact information for teachers who want to follow up with the episode’s presenter regarding any pressing questions. These podcasts are also available on iTunes, making them downloadable for that daily commute.

Some of their latest podcasts include:

You can certainly see by the titles that this is not your run-of-the-mill podcast. They serve up some fresh topics with very informative, concise content.

One of my favorites from TEFLology is the “Pokemon Go, Tsuda Umeko, and Storytelling.” This episode is filled with music, Pokémon GO and a teacher profile that dates back to the samurai era. The story is compelling and worth a listen.

3. Masters of TESOL


Masters of TESOL has a lot of resources for teachers, but their podcasts are certainly the centerpiece. The other resources Masters of TESOL serves up include lesson plans, ice breakers and proficiency levels. They also have an entertaining section dedicated to funny ESL stories told by teachers.

A few of their titles are:

Most of the them are complemented by a short and informative description of key points, and they include social media contact info if you want to get in touch. They can run a little long, so you may want to carve out some time on the weekend to have a listen.

My favorite from this site is “Too old to learn? The Critical Period – Heather Marsden.” I found it really useful for my older students reaching those golden years. It was motivational, and it really put much of what ESL teachers do into perspective.

4. TEFL Training Institute


TEFL Training Institute has a sleek website to go with their informative ESL podcasts. Although they are focused mainly on TEFL certification, their menu at the top of the home page provides a nice list of different podcast topics, each of which has several episodes. TEFL Training Institute also has videos you can check out if you are in the mood to watch rather than simply listen.

Their lineup of podcast topics includes:

Although it’s a couple years old, their podcast “Highlights from IATEFL 2017 (with Dave Weller),” is probably my favorite now. It really showcases what is happening in the world of English education and what the future may hold. It is also complemented by videos and presentation material from the IATEFL conference.

5. The State of Tech


The State of Tech is a little something different when it comes to podcasts for ESL teachers. The field of English language learning and teaching has become intertwined with tech in so many ways. Teachers are using it in classrooms, even in the most remote areas. The State of Tech highlights educational technology, something you may find entertaining and useful.

They cover all things tech like:

My favorite episode and video would have to be “Episode 029 – “Gamification Part 1.” It is a slightly older episode, but still has some value when thinking about how gamification can be a valuable resource for learning.


There are so many podcasts online for teachers to choose from. Some may be geared more toward TEFL and the methodological basics, and others may cover teacher interviews and the latest English educator conferences.

Tapping into a podcast every now and again is important. You want to give your students the best, and that sometimes means doing a bit of learning yourself.

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