8 Creative and Engaging ESL Listening Activities for Adults


We know that listening practice is vital when learning any language.

But let’s be honest, the CDs that come with ESL textbooks absolutely need supplements.

Hearing the same voices over and over can get boring, and the topics could be …

The Essential Guide to Using Audio Effectively in Your ESL Class

esl listening activities

The ESL classroom is always a practice in listening for our students, so we don’t really need to supplement listening practice, right?


As ESL teachers, we need to introduce other forms of listening exercises to our classes in order …

7 Learning Styles: An ESL Teaching Strategy That Works

7 learning styles how to get any esl student hooked on english

Feeling bogged down with lesson planning, paper grading and other mundane tasks?

Day-to-day ESL lessons aren’t only challenging for your students.

They’re challenging for you as well.

It’s crucial that you develop teaching strategies that will inspire and motivate

5 Quick and Fun Verb Games to Liven Up Your ESL Classroom


“Fluffy cat sneaky mouse yummy cheese.”

What’s missing from that sentence?

Well verbs, of course!

Adding verbs between “fluffy cat,” “sneaky mouse” and “yummy cheese” immediately lets us enjoy the colors and energies of both language and imagination in full …

10 Creative Ways to Get Your ESL Students Talking with Pictures


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In TESOL, a picture can help produce a thousand words.

When it comes to your students’ attitudes and motivation levels, having pictures can really make all the difference.

Otherwise unenthusiastic students

How to Use Technology Effectively to Transform Your ESL Classroom


What comes to mind when you hear the word “technology”?

Did you imagine computers? Smart phones? Apps?

Or perhaps GPS? The Wii? Internet? TV?

Netflix, anyone?

All right, now picture yourself in a classroom teaching students. What does …

3 Awesome Listening Activities for Your Advanced ESL Students


So, your advanced ESL students are bored with old-fashioned cassette tapes.

Of course they are — I mean, where did you even find cassette tapes?

Want to reward hard-working English students with some fun listening activities?

Then ditch those ancient …