4 Practical Tips for Motivating Adolescent ESL Learners to Use English

4 tips for motivating adolescent learners to use english in class

Imagine a day where you walk into class and your adolescent EFL/ESL students are very chatty.

Some are talking about last night’s soccer game, while others are curious about a classmate’s new lucky charm.

When you get their

9 ESL Christmas Songs to Add Some Holiday Fun to Your Classroom


The holidays are here!

It’s time to fill your classrooms with joy and cheer!

Luckily, Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to add some holiday fun, activities and songs to your ESL class.

Music is a great way to …

A Simple Guide to Teaching Young ESL Students About Syntax


Soccer. Ice cream. Happy. Syntax. Cool.

Which one of those five words would you never expect to hear from a young person?


Children, not to mention children learning English as a foreign language, have no idea …

How to Improve Your ESL Students’ Writing: Eliminating Simple Vocabulary

how to improve your esl students' writing eliminating simple vocabulary

Take a look at these two groups of sentences:

1. I got a good sandwich yesterday from Tina’s. I was so happy!

2. I ate a delicious hummus and eggplant sandwich yesterday from Tina’s. I was overjoyed!

Okay, so …

4 Awesome Holiday Culture Lessons and Activities for the ESL Classroom


Ah, November and December.

The weather changes, clothing adjusts to match the new season and attention drifts from the classrooms to the holidays – for both teachers and students.

Regardless of the country, this period from late November to early …

8 Fun Ways to Use Google Maps for Content Based ESL Instruction

8 fun and easy ways to use google maps in your esl  classroom

Maps are intriguing documents.

Google Maps takes this to a whole other level.

You can get lost staring at Google Maps, exploring new places from a bird’s eye or first-person view.

Each time you play with Google Maps you’re learning …

8 Creative and Engaging ESL Listening Activities for Adults


We know that listening practice is vital when learning any language.

But let’s be honest, the CDs that come with ESL textbooks absolutely need supplements.

Hearing the same voices over and over can get boring, and the topics could be …