Job Opportunity: Spanish Education Expert – Make A Big Impact

Are you an expert at teaching Spanish to English speakers?

Do you obsess about how to teach Spanish in the best possible way, and in the best possible order?

Do you want to reach and impact millions of people?

Hiring deadline: This position has been filled. But we’re hiring for other positions here.  

This job might be for you if you:

  • like exercising your creativity and trying new things
  • like working collaboratively and are open to new ideas
  • are pragmatic/practical in your thinking on Spanish education
  • prioritize getting students to actually speak the language over excessive worry about grammar and mechanics
  • like being able to set your own hours and work from home
  • like having a dependable, reliable stream of work
  • are comfortable with a fast-changing environment.

You should NOT take this job if you:

  • enjoy discussing academic theories more than the actual work of putting together a lesson plan
  • prioritize correct grammar and memorization over getting students to actively use the language
  • have a strong need/desire for in-person social interaction at work
  • like following instructions and being told what to do
  • don’t like needing to come up with ideas
  • are not comfortable in a fast-changing environment


FluentU is an online education company that helps people learn languages with real-world videos, including movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. We have a popular website, iOS app, and Android app. Founded in 2011, we’re a profitable, stable company with long-term focus, and we’re proudly self-funded.

We get 4 million+ visitors per month on our blogs, and we’re leveraging that to launch a new app that engages users in an immersive, first-person language learning experience. It will be made by a team of video creators, developers, designers, marketers and of course, language experts (this is where you come in).

We’re planning to cover a broad range of Spanish levels, starting with complete beginners all the way to more advanced learners. 

This is a unique opportunity to have a big impact on the new app, which is in the early stages.


As our expert Spanish educator, you would get high level guidance on what we want to create (eg. a course for A1 learners) for the new immersive, first-person language learning app mentioned above. 

Based on that high level guidance, you would be responsible for:

  • Coming up with everything we need from the pedagogy side (eg. what are the words/phrases/concepts that should be learned, and in what sequence?)
  • sharing your bag of teaching tricks (eg. activities, games, examples, techniques etc to drawn from your teaching experience)
  • sharing what ‘works’ and use that as a jumping off point to try and figure out the best way to create a visual presentation of the material
  • Doing the research needed for specific topics/industries/domains that you’re not familiar with
  • Collaborating with our video team and developers/designers to bring it to life
  • Collaborating with our marketing team to create video content for marketing channels like YouTube and Tiktok (you would not need to be in any of the videos)

You would also work closely with the founder of FluentU.


We’re a 100% distributed/remote team. Here’s a little bit more about how we work:

  • Almost all of our communication is text-based (mostly via Asana) and we value clear communication.
  • Most things are not urgent. We take pride in having a calm work environment.
  • We also have a flat collaborative environment.
  • We make decisions based on logic/reason.
  • We believe in getting things done and continuous improvement.


Our ideal candidate:

  • is a fast learner who is eager to learn new things.
  • is humble and willing to get their hands dirty.
  • understands that there are other considerations/tradeoffs that need to be taken into account, aside from pedagogy.
  • is terrific at written communication.
  • has experience working remotely.
  • has deep experience teaching Spanish.
  • has scriptwriting experience (this would be a nice plus).
  • is able to work a minimum of 20 hours per week (pay is hourly) on a consistent basis.


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