6 ESL Professional Development Ideas to Help Build the Perfect Teaching Staff


Ever had one of those uh-oh moments that completely ruined your lesson?

One time when I was still training to be a teacher, I had lost my lesson plan minutes before my teaching assessment thanks to a computer outage. As …

Show, Don't Tell: 8 Delicious Activities for ESL Descriptive Writing Classes


I could smell the peppers. It was dinner time. I washed my hands. 

Sure, the sentences above get the point across. But how about this:

The sweet, burnt scent of roasting peppers hung in the air. I knew dinner was

The Canuck Way: 5 Canadian Culture ESL Lessons


For some students that I’ve met over the years, having the chance to study or work in Canada is the ultimate dream come true.

However, most of them actually know very little about the nation north of the United States

8 English Vocabulary Poster Ideas for a Wonderfully Word-friendly Classroom


If only these walls could speak?

If only these walls could teach!

In fact, they can.

Class walls will not exactly have the same effect as, say, Robin Williams standing on a desk talking about the universe, but they

How to Teach English to Kindergarteners: Tips and Activities You Can Rely On


It takes a special kind of person to teach kindergarteners.

I learned this lesson on my first day of teaching at an English academy for kindergarteners. I thought I was already prepared for the job because of my experience with …

Eco English: 5 Earth Day Activities for Your ESL Classroom


Ever feel like there’s more you could be doing for the environment?

Every few weeks, I like to wake up early on a Saturday morning and pick up trash along the beach. But no matter how often I do it, …

12 Activities for Teaching ESL Students About British Culture


Ask your ESL students what comes to mind when they think of England.

The responses will inevitably include “football/soccer,” “Big Ben” or “drinking tea.”

These are definitely all things Great Britain is known for.

But British culture is more than