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Putting Heads Together: 8 Killer Teaching Tips for Using Pair and Group Work with English Learners


The devil is in the details.

But which details are most important to successfully implement pair and group activities in your ESL classroom?

Yes, you’ll definitely need to consider how you group your learners, that’s one place to …

The Ultimate Guide to ESL Grammar Games

ESL grammar games

Do games and grammar really mix?

We’re casting our vote for “yes,” and we’re done listening to naysayers.

It may just be the best mix since peanut butter and chocolate.

Grammar is usually thought of as dry and dull.

Plenty …

ESL Teaching Tips: 5 Ways to Use Mime and Gesture in Your ESL Classroom


When I say “mime,” what pops into your mind?

France? Tons of plastered-on face paint?

Whether you love or hate mimes (or have an irrational fear of them), their performance style has tons to offer the ESL classroom.

Just …